Paying for blunders

The High Court has awarded RM3 million to a British citizen whose passport was illegally withheld by a senior civil servant.
That s good good money and taxpayers money gone to waste.

It seems every time a government department makes a wrong decision, taxpayers money is used to bail them out. Nobody on top is held responsible for the bungle and life goes on as usual.

It about time for senior government servants who are negligent in their work to be responsible for the mistakes and pay for them by being demoted, sacked or castigated as lessons to others not to be cavalier in their work performance.

Government funds are for national development to improve the quality of life of citizens and not to compensate 3rd parties because of civil servants’ blunders.

[quote=“jungleboy”]The High Court has awarded RM3 million to a British citizen whose passport was illegally withheld by a senior civil servant.
That s good good money and taxpayers money gone to waste.[/quote]

jungleboy… where did u get this piece of information? :shock: :shock:

smallee, thats from the sun today. a letter to the sun by Hamdan Ibrahim, KL.

Please provide a link to the original news item, thanks for the news piece.

Thanks for the info Jungle boy… should change the whole government system…all they get is transfer here or there,…never get fired.

Jungleboy… sorry… I can’t find the page of the news, mind to direct me there or paste the link in here…

smallee, the sun on speak up column…letter… page 14.
perhaps you get a copy today.

i cant see it on their website.

Cannot find it there… it is ok… nevermind about that news la…

I just want to see if it is true that the gov pay 3 million out to this british citizen which I do not believe in the first place if this is happening. ( No offense on your posting ok )… :wink:

smallee, here you are…the sun, february 23

RM3 million compensation for Briton
R.Surenthira Kumar
KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 22) The action of a senior officer of the then Income Tax Department which the High Court described as an exercise to “assert that he has the power to do so” has cost the government RM3 million.
Judicial Commissioner Datuk Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat said the then assistant director-general Hamzah H.M.Saman had acted arbitrarily and unreasonably in ordering the detention of a British passport belonging to (now) retired army engineer Ronald Beadle.

Tengku Maimun awarded him RM2 million general damages and another RM1 million exemplary damages for “false imprisonment” for 5,968 days.

Beadle’s passport was impounded in 1982 for allegedly failing to pay RM22,000 in personal taxes.

However, in 1998, he was cleared of the debt and subsequently sued the department and Hamzah for false imprisonment.

“There was no real purpose for the first defendant to issue the certificate except to assert that he has the power to do so,” said Tengku Maimun.

Hamzah, the judge said, had acted arbitrarily and unreasonably in issuing a certificate for the purposes of collecting and recovering assessed tax from Beadle and the actions were not in consonant with the purpose of Section 104 of the Inland Revenue Act.

“There was no evidence whatsoever that the department had ever made any demand for payment of income tax and neither did it issue notice of assessment to him” she said in her judgement at the civil courts in Wisma Denmark here today.

Beadle was employed by SEA Helicopter (M) Sdn Bhd which was supposed to have deducted and forwarded his income tax to the department.

Tengku Maimun pointed that since judgment had already been obtained against the company on Oct 24, 1981, there was no real purpose for the certificate to detain Beadle’s passport be issued except to assert that Hamzah had the power to do so.

She added she did not consider that Beadle had been falsely imprisoned per se, but was satisfied that the defendants had acted unreasonably and improperly and were wrong in law and in fact to issue the certificate.

“The acts and neglects of the defendants had caused the plaintiff worry, stress, anxiety, mental anguish, distress, hurt and helplessness and his mind and self esteem had been injured for more than 16 years.”

“The greatest distress being the denial to visit his ailing father and to attend his father’s funeral,” said Tengku Maimun.

Met outside the courtroom, Beadle said the award could not compensate for the days he had suffered serious depression.

Beadle was represented by Jeffery Wong Yi Liang and Vicki Lim while Senior Federal Counsel Maheran Mohd Isa appeared for the government.

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dat how we should act tis confront by the same problem.
but then again, mayb the judge was under pressure to deliver good verdict bcos dat guy was a foreigner.
u know la, they know hw to make noise.
if malaysian kena, sure kena tutup mulut…

EPF funds were used to buy RHB n proton.
bail out!
bail out!

[quote=“haroldz”]EPF funds were used to buy RHB n proton.
bail out!
bail out![/quote]

Really!!! Sirakakk…tats hw my money been ‘wisely’ spend… :evil: