Paws Dogathon & Paws Doggie Show!

Big news! The Paws Doggie Show is back on!!

This year, Paws Miri will be organizing a fun filled day for dog owners and their furry friends! The day will start at 10.00 hours with the registration for the first ever Dogathon in Miri! This walk is the first charity walk for dog owners and their furry friends. All dogs (small, big, breed, non-breed, all!) can enter!!! All raised funds will go to Paws Miri, a ROS registered organization, rescuing stray dogs and cats in Miri. Register now, so you can start collecting sponsorship for this Dogathon. The person with the highest amount will receive a voucher for the Bon Ton Resort in Langkawi.
The walk will start from the Civic Centre at 10.30 hours to Ming Caf. There will be a short water stop and group photo and at 11.00 hours we will continue back to the Civic Centre together with mayor Lawrence Lai.

At 11.30 hours mayor Mr Lawrence Lai will open the Paws Doggie Show at the Civic Centre! After this we start with the different competitions that will fill up the whole day: Agility, Musical Chairs, Obedience, Eating and the Dress-up competition. At the Civic Centre, spectators will also find several pet shops with merchandise, the Paws merchandise and they can also vote for the Paws photo contest!!! Lots of entertainment, dont miss out. The competition got great prizes this year! We finish the day around 16.00 hours with a demonstration from Real K9.
For more information about the rules and competition, please go to Facebook Paws Doggie Show 2013, where you can find the competition rules, registration forms, etc. If you need more info, please email us:

You can also find the registration forms on or pick them up from Angel Clinic or Paws & Claws Clinic! For each category there will be rosettes (for everyone) and trophys & vouchers (for the top 3) and we will also pick an overall champion of the day (champion trophy). It will be a day full of fun for dog owners and dog lovers.

Besides the competitions on the day, Paws Miri will also have the Paws Photo Contest. You can send in your pictures of your pets to Each person can send in 1 picture. Please give us the following details when you email us:
Your name and contact number
Your pets name
Extra info about the pet and picture (not more than 100 words)

On the 01st of September, during the Paws Doggie Show 2013, all the entries will be shown and on that day the public gets to vote for the top 12! At the end of the day, the votes will be counted and the top 12 will be revealed. A photo shoot with the 12 winners will follow after the Paws Doggie Show to get the pictures for the Paws 2014 calendar!

If you would like to register for the Dogathon: please email with your name, dogs name, phone number and email address. Put DOGATHON in the subject line.

If you would like to register for the Paws Doggie Show: please email with your name and phone number for the registration forms. Put DOGGIE SHOW in the Subject line.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: / 0138065066 / Facebook Paws Miri.

Best Regards, Paws Miri

Register now, don’t wait!
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[quote=“najaro”]Big news! The Paws Doggie Show is back on!!

All dogs (small, big, breed, non-breed, all!) can enter!!!
Best Regards, Paws Miri[/quote]


Make sure you register on time!

Doggie Show - all categories open for registration!
Dogathon - get your sponsor sheets now and make a chance to win the voucher to the Bon Ton Resort in Langkawi!!!

Registration finishes on the 25th of August! Don’t miss out, we have loads of prizes!!!

Don’t miss out on these events; REGISTER NOW!

Registration ends on the 25th of August. Don’t miss out. Register now!

Oh neattoooo … I wanna see doggieee !! Woff woofff Doggieeeeeee !!

We hope to see you all on Sunday in the Civic Centre!