PAW as suggest by Lowyat forumates

I believe some of you guys are royal and humble BT users. I also think that you guys are using “user-agent” proxy as suggested in lowyat

But watch out for the possible flaw in PAW. The chances are you will be seeing popups and close windows (especially on slow PC). I spent some free minutes to investigate the popups and I find that they are actually bad-ass’ed Javascript that attempt to connect with different FQDN name but to the same IP (probably virus host) using JAVAW.exe by malicious Java codes. JAVAW.exe is critical component by JRE (Java Runtime Environment). If you are blind and ignorant to this issue, your Windows platform will suffer malware infection… I dunno what virus will come in b’coz it can’t catch me although I’m still downloading thru BT without problem since morning.

I’m currently connecting to tracker but the malicious IP starts with 202...* which doesn’t match with’s

Could it be terrorkom retribution on BT pirates?! Anyone plz… say something!

Anyone plz… say something!




Anyone plz… say something!



As expected from ian…

I purposely wrote this topic to trap ian’s laugh that shows how much he look down on Microsoft Windows end-users… :lol: joking ya…

I dun mean to mock BT and Windows end-user, but I really fed up with Mirian Windows consumers end-users that complain computer technicians din install a powerful antivirus and strong firewall… I rather not install Antivirus and no Firewall, so that there isn’t a single message to warn you about virus, malware and Adware: that’s powerful enuf!!!

Better yet, Dun install any form of network Like the Internet. Also dun forget, dun get other peoples source of input for data like pendrives, thumdrive, Digital cameras and so on to avoid too…Let ur PC stay in the box where it belongs…

Excellent idea from a genius, but why am I still see you here?
(if you continue reply in this thread, you turn dumb…cursing) :twisted:

dude…I didn’t say that I am doing that…you do want ur opinions on it right??? Smarty…

tried proxomitron? so far it works for me, though some trackers give me errors… now i have to rely on xdcc and ddl for my anime…

oh wait, are you even using windows? :lol:

PAW works pretty well for me. All trackers can connect becoz I tuned the configuration very differently. Honestly, I’m using the same user-agent as utorrent. That is why every tracker works!! Now, who said utorrent is blocked by ISP! :lol:

I don’t quite get you dude… looks like there is other meaning behind it…
spit it! :twisted:

no meaning laaaaaaaaaa :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

What is utorrent’s user agent? I wanna try it on proxomitron and see if it works… currently using Opera user-agent. :lol:

dunno but i stopped using PAW for weeks already coz i think it’s kinda useless for me.

there’s no meaning if i can see/connect many peers but still unable to download from them.

just say Tmnet Trottle the connection…the only thing that make your torrent dl fast is because we linking Malaysian torrent…try dl outsider torrent or other torrent that malaysia did`t know about…u will get around 1kbps or 0.0kbps…dl 100mb file take about 1 week XD

*i use proxomitron…and well its sometime works sometime don`t…

wait-a-minute guys! I don’t see any of the throttling effective to me. I mean “not very effective”!

I’m still downloading torrent with speed of 25K to 40K most of the time of the day. The speed is slow initially but after 10 minutes, speed is up and stable. Yes, I am using PAW and it has been very effective to me. I’ve never encounter “Tracker Connection error 0” ever since I deploy PAW. Of couse, if you use the trick in lowyat, you are not like to connect to some trackers due to the fact that you are using “http browser user-agent”. Even if you can connect, there will be no seeding and leeching happenning to you. Remember that when you proxy PAW on your torrent agent, all packets from the torrent agent will be “bug’ed” with that specified user-agent. Which means, even if you connect directly to another peer, the peer’s torrent client might not understand. Moreover, some tracker (especially ratio specific) will not allow “weirdly bug’ed” user-agent. They, of course, do not want people to cheat their ratio…

This issue has been quite a while now. Since you guys isn’t using BT anymore, maybe that is why my speed is getting better :D. What else you guys do without BT? XDCC? FTP?..

…heh? 25k 40k?..before the TMNuts trottle BT the speed is way over then that…before the Trottle BT can dl about 90K ~ 140kbps…its diffrent story if u connect through diffrent ISP.

yup, 25K to 40K as for now… it was 60K for me before the nutz cracked their skull.

Come to think of it, I should still be thankful coz I’m living 7.6KM away from telekom and I’m subscribing RM66 only. But the last 2 days, and especially last Friday, my total download average speed during the day is 45K… of course, there are 50K spikes downloading from D-addicts and demonoid. Downloading from l33t-raws is slower though; 25K.

hi guys, just back for a week’s hols…

well, in the case of proxymitron or any filtering proxy, i’ve got numerous headaches testing the throughout-puts of the several BT clients, and to my avil…sigh…i better left any nano filtering’s out, anyone can give me a more detailed configuration settings to boot it again? (wink-wink :smiley: )

Merry CNY to all

Why dun u share ur technical expertise on BT to get 45K?It would be nice

i still using BT.
no wonder the speed had fall to a snail pace.
i try bit tornado b4 bt u cant restart ur download after window reboot.
wot the best torrent downloader can can bypass tmnet throttle?
im downloading dat HEROES series

well, I had this kinda speed today. Remember? I’m subscribing RM66 and 7.6KM away from telekom… still BT’ing with PAW in the background. :stuck_out_tongue:

we know you are subscribing RM66 and 7.6KM away from telekom…in fact we are staying nearby…so cant u share with us?

OH Chil, sorry, I didn’t notice your last message…

well, I did share quite a lot info if you read the entire thread and plz take note of the (my) 8th reply.