Pau, Maggie Mee & Spagetti

Hope this cheers your busy day…
One day, siew pau and maggi mee had a big fight. Maggi mee beat siew
pau up until it had bruises on its pau body.

Siew Pau loose in the fight and went back to tell all the paus family;
kaya pau, tau SA pau, curry pau, and etc.

So together?.. all paus went to find maggi mee for revenge. On the way… they met Spaghetti?.. so all pau ran to Spaghetti and
BEAT the hell up on Spaghetti that Spaghetti can’t say a word,
Spaghetti then scream…

“WHAT DID I DO? I don’t even know you all”???.

Then the siew pau say??..

Don’t think I can’t recognize you after you do REBONDING technique!”

:lol: :lol:



One from me too.

one day, a school boy was doing his maths exam in the class which is actually facing some difficulty on some of the questions. So what he did when he could not think of the answer, he spit on his hand and rub it on his head.

Then the teacher saw him doing this funny moves and walk towards him and ask him" why do u spit on your hand and rub it on your head?"

he replies: I heard my mum telling my dad last night " Darling, if it is too difficult… spit on the head"
:lol: :lol: