PAS slams DAP for being irrational in demanding PKR to sever ties with former

MIRI: PAS has accused DAP Sarawak of being irrational in demanding PKR in Sarawak to follow its example by severing ties with PAS to oppose the implementation of hudud .

PAS Sarawak deputy commissioner III and PAS Miri chief Jofri Jaraiee said DAPs insistence on rejecting cooperation with PAS in Sarawak over hudud even though Muslims were the minority in the state smacks of arrogance.

Why do Sarawak DAP leaders have to insist that (PR) coalition partner PKR sever its ties with PAS over hudud, which has little chance of seeing the light of day in Sarawak even if PR wins? Jofri asked.

We hope PKR can judge for itself the demand of DAP Sarawak if it still wants to see Sarawak PR move forward as a future alternative government in the state, he said.

He said PR could only stay united with the condition that all parties in PR can accept one anothers policies, respect each others opinion, agree to disagree on certain things and not attack each other.

He wonder aloud if DAPs main agenda was to contest in all the seats in the state without the need to negotiate with any of its PR component parties.

He claimed that the political severance demanded by Sarawak DAP leaders indicated arrogance without any regard to the outcome on policy of the respective parties.

Each party in the coalition reserves the right to implement their own policies without affecting the will of the people to change the current BN government for the better.

The hudud issue should not be a major issue that could cause a split in PR. We have to respect each others policy if we want PR seen as an alternative to a new government in the future, he said.

DAP and PAS ties seemed to be broken beyond repair with the recent resolution by the latter in its Muktamar last Saturday that the party sever its ties with former ally DAP in a tit-for-tat response for its anti-hudud stand and perceived disrespect to PAS president Dato Seri Hadi Awang.

In the latest party polls, the progressives led by former deputy president Mohamad Sabu were wiped out by the ulama-driven faction backing Hadi, and the Dewan Ulama has moved a motion to cut ties with its Pakatan Rakyat ally DAP.