PAS deputy chief impressed by unity, hospitality displayed by Mirians

MIRI: National PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu was among the well-wishers attending a Chinese New Year open house gathering hosted by Miri PKR Youth chief Steve Teo Jia Jun here yesterday.

The partys national chief was accompanied by Miri PAS chief Jofri Jaraiee as well as other senior party members during the visit.

Sabu or more commonly known as Mat Sabu came all the way from Penang to join in the celebrations here, which the peace and harmony among the locals, irrespective of their race and religion, impressed him.

The unity and harmony are very apparent here. The locals demonstrate them through their friendliness and hospitality.

These elements play an important role in keeping the people united in peace, he commended, adding that this had encouraged him to come here again in the future.

Jofri echoed Mat Sabus sentiments, hoping that the relationship between the state and national PAS would be closer and be further strengthened.

As a gesture of respect for the Chinese culture, both Mat Sabu and Jofri presented Teo with a box of Mandarin oranges.

According to Chinese belief, the citrus fruit symbolises luck, good fortune and positive energy, given its round shape and bright colour that represent the sun.

On the other hand, Teo said he was pleased to have received Mat Sabu and Jofri for the celebrations here.

He also hoped that the Youth wings of PAS and PKR could work together in bringing both parties to greater political heights.