Participants from 17 villages attend ‘Jari Emas’ workshop

Annia (seated third row centre) is seen in a group photo with some of the participants.

A participant works on weaving a rattan basket.

Trainer Rose Awing (right) shows participants how to make a rattan basket.

A participant strings beads to make a necklace.

Some of the participants listening to the talk.

MIRI: Participants from 17 villages here attended the Sarawak Kenyah National Association (PKKS) Women’s Bureau’s recent two-day ‘Jari Emas’ workshop in Kampung Lio Mato, Ulu Baram.

The event included a crime prevention talk.

The villages involved were Long Tungan, Long Semiang, Long Selaan, Long Moh, Long Sebatu, Ba Muboi, Long Lamam, Ba Ajeng, Long Balong, Long Murung, Data Bila, Long Lamai, Long Sepigen, Long Sait, Long Banga, Long Beruang, and Lio Mato.

PKKS Women’s Bureau chief and organising chairperson Annia Selalang Lawai said there were over 200 participants, including men and children.

“It is also a platform for us to introduce to our young children their culture and at the same time teach them ways to

improve their finances by becoming more innovative and creative,” she said yesterday.