Part-Time Writer / Journalist Wanted

Looking for writers or journalists to
write articles.

Price offered per article will be RM5.

Word length about 400-600 words.

Usually order 5-10 articles at one time.

Can deliver within 2-3 days.

One month will order at least 25 articles.

Interested please PM then we will talk
about the topic.

Thank You.

  • SaM


Article in what language? You mean typer or ?

Articles in English…

So command in English must
be acceptable…

Sounds good :smiley:

would be a good part time for almost anyone.

wonder wat kind of articles though

More details mail me at samuel [at]

400-600 words in 2-3 days in not a problem. I believe in a story having good angle based on communal feelings and touch.

Who is the publisher?

It’s me of course…

You write, sell to me and I use
it as my own…

It is a problem if order only 3-4 articles
but take 2-3 days to finish…

When I say 2-3 days is when I order 10
and above…

If I order 5 below I expect it done within
the same day or at least by the next day…

If quality is good and your knowledge in
the topic I want is high I will increase price
and more orders in future…

I have audio mp3s and books on the
subject that I can pass to you if you want
to know more about the subject…

If you devour the contents of the books
and audios itself, I’m sure will bring benefit
to your life…

Anymore candidates?

[quote=“samscc82”]Articles in English…

So command in English must
be acceptable…[/quote]

that’s me out of d equation then!! :lol:

sam, pm’d you, for yr njoyment: ‘some food for thought’

Yep, replied you oredi bro…

Looks to me your English is

Don’t look down on yourself…

Give it a go…

sorry sam,

sadly,… all my crayons have melted! :slight_smile:

happy hunting.

Ok then, wish you the greatest if success in
your ventures man…


  • SaM

Anymore candidates?

Can i get a sample of what you’d expect and what you want to be done?

I think at our standard, 2 articles per day will be reasonable. I don’t believe in completing 10 articles in 2-3 days. Even the journalist over at the NST or STAR are given, on average, of 2 assignments a day.

is this for a licensed publication/printing or just some online materials? i’m interested, but only if this is legit.

Well, not really…

If your knowledge is good n the certain topic,
I don’t see any problem completing a 400-600
words article in 15 mins.

400 words is not long, hence the RM5 per article
price tag. After some practice, I’m sure you’ll find
it getting easier and easier.