Part time tutor @ tuition centre @ mosjaya

We are looking for experience teachers / tutors to join our centre.

PMR - All subject / single subject
SPM - single subject

Latest H/p number : [size=150]0109786388[/size]

may i know wht time is the class? im fresh grad and im interested to be part time tutor. during my year of study, i also being tutor for tuition class at setiawangsa KL.

Thanks for interested in our offer.

pm send.

Hai…i am a fresh graduate for education course that are now waiting for convokesyen…i am interested in the positions offered…Would like to know more details on the schedule and how to apply for the above jobs…Thank you…

Thanks for interested in our offer.

pm sent.

i’m a mathematics teacher. teaching form 1 now…is there any available post?tq

im interested in working as part time tutor as currently im working on weekdays. Interested in teaching PMR subjects

Interested. Maths, chinese,bahasa melayu for pmr and below

Thanks for interested in our offer.

pm send.

Hai…i hav send my resume to ur email…Thank you… :smiley:

resume received. Thanks.


hai…i’m very interested in this. i was an ENGLISH tuition teacher before.
may i know what the time schedule? & other conditions too…


I’m a physics teacher. Any empty slot?

i am a maths teacher, any empty slot?

I am a foreign student doing my masters in project management, with a degree in computer science and an experience in teaching. I understand Malaysia’s law on student working and just need a part-time job to be busy with in my stay here, I am hardworking and only consider the experience i will gain from this Job. Pls kindly inform me if i am eligible to apply or not. Your response is of most importance, thanks. (I am free everyday, except on 2 weekends every month)


Open for 2013 … Teacher/tutor are welcome to join our centre

May i know your email address? I’m interested in teaching chemistry, additional mathematic or mathematic.



Hi. I am a graduate of bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Curtin. Am Interested in teaching as a part time tutor. Do i need to submit resume or? Thanks for your info