Part time job for R/C people. Good pay

This job may sound odd but i’m very serious. :wink:

Accompany me to find my crashed R/C helicopter in some bushes. R/C people with experience are welcome.

Miri (undisclosed)

Things to bring:
-Wear jeans (very itchy bushes)…knee tall bushes


RM100 per-day - (If spent more than half day to search or 1 day.) - 7 hours
RM50 - (if less than half day.) - 4 hours

Mission object to find: Palm size heli as shown in attachment
PM or SMS me: 019-8895987 (David L.)

Oh quick note, don’t be scared by the location picture… the area to search is on the left side near the road, low knee size grass photo just sample only.

OK, someone took the job. Mcnet member.