Part time Faci Needed

I got this email from fren in KL

From: Shazlina Shaari
Subject: Faci Requirement
To:, []
Date: Saturday, June 7, 2008, 3:52 PM
Dear Chil,

I’m looking for 2 facies in Kuching and 2 facies in Miri to drive me around town, visit 4 IPTAs each state, bring us for dinner. I will pay that faci RM60 and pay the fuel.

  1. Kuching will be on Monday 8 am until 6pm (RM60 per faci) ‘2 facies’ - DONE

  2. Miri will be from 8.30pm on Monday Nite (09/06/08) bring us for dinner , then continue the next Tuesday morning (10/09/08) at 8am until 2pm - ‘2 facies’, (RM60 per faci).

Meaning that two faci with two car

I hope IPTAs student interested to apply so that in future they will be employ again as faci for other project.

SMS me 016 870 1209.

no takers?