Part/Full Time Chef/Kitchen Helper

please pm me or email me for interested candidate.

what you will learn:

  1. western cusine eg pasta, steak, chops etc
  2. chinese cusine
  3. thai/vietnamese cusine
  4. diff sorts of snacks
  5. buffet
  6. every mth 3-5 new dishes

own transport preferred. thanks.


do u accept foreigners staff.?

yes, if no permit, then only allow part time with restricted working hours lo…pm me if interested

send u PM

hi, the job still available… pls pm me your contact number so that i can call u… cuz i think i did pm some of u but not sure if sent…

how was the salary?

where is ur shop or the working location ?

Pm detail for kitchen helper. thanks

am interested. pm me details pls. thks

Is it still available for part time kitchen helper?
May I knw where is the location?
What is your part time working hour?
Thank You.

PM me the details please. TY.