Parents welcome new RM1-ceiling price for face masks

Jane Lo

MIRI: A parent here welcomes the RM1-per-piece ceiling price set by the government for face masks, saying that this would help families with school-going children.

Jane Lo, 43, says she buys three boxes of face masks a month for the daily use of her three children at school – causing her to spend up to RM100 per month.

“I have one (child) in secondary school, and two others in primary school.

“Previously I would spend between RM80 and RM100 monthly on face masks so the reduction (in ceiling price) is definitely welcome,” she told The Borneo Post yesterday.

She said she would make sure that each of her children would wear a new mask to school every day.

“Without the compulsory usage of face masks, I think many parents would not dare to send their children to school,” she added.

The new ceiling price for three-ply face masks, which took effect Saturday, sees the maximum retail price reduced to RM1 apiece from RM1.20 apiece, while the wholesale price, which was previously RM1.45 apiece, is now 95 sen apiece.

Another parent, Jo Anna, said under the previous ceiling price, she would spend at least RM100 on face masks each month for her family of seven.

“It’s not just the children who have to wear face masks – adults too must mask up when going out to crowded places; otherwise we may get a RM1,000-compound,” she said.

With the price now set at RM1 apiece, the 40-year-old said she was happy as this would reduce her monthly spending on face masks.

“Although it (price reduction) is not much, at least it helps many parents especially those in the lower-income group,” she said.

Angela Uma

For housewife Angela Uma, 33, the new ceiling price meant that she could buy face masks in bulk for her family.

“Before this, we would try to minimise the use of face masks, except for when we’re out in crowded places. But now with the price reduced, we can use it every time we are out.

“My daughter also wears one to school every day, and keeps a spare one in her schoolbag in case she needs it,” said Angela.

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