what do you think of this?
nothing wrong or sumthing wrong? :slight_smile:

depending on the situation …

It’s not your kid, so mind ur own business.

well, i see nothing wrong with that.

what has that got to do with parenting?

From the photo shot both parents are tough,strong mentally .Very rare that you will see even to western standard.But in Malaysia ,why not comment when those threw their babies into rubbish dumps and what not.But I read a lot of comments to cruelty with dogs …

btw, the photo is photoshped :slight_smile: the woman was throwing her backpack to her partner…

losen up a bit guys :stuck_out_tongue: i posted this in the “joke” section… not meant to be for a stir up … :slight_smile:

Something that makes parents happy

yes… :slight_smile: i think most baby when they are between 5 to 8 months old, they laugh at something very simple… its funny. my daughter laughed everytime when i said apple, avocado and banana… whenever that 3 fruits was mentioned, she laughed hysterically… :slight_smile: baby/children are the joy of life… it can also be the most challenge in one’s life and a real test to the relationship of a couple… parenting is not easy


Something that makes parents happy[/quote]

has to be photoshop!