Parcel Receivable. Beware!

Something to share with you.

:arrow: A friend of mine told me an real incident that may happen to anyone of us. His relative received a notice from the Post office advising a parcel is ready for her collection at the Post Office. She went and when the parcel was handed over to her, the relevant enforcement personnel were there asking her to open the parcel for inspection.

:arrow: After she opened the parcel, it was found that there are some illegal items
in it which she did not order and the enforcement personnel told her the consequences of having the illegal items. Finally, she called her husband. After her husband arrived, he asked what can be done to resolve the
problems. Money was paid out to resolve the problem. But that was not the end of the story. The officer came back later and asked for more.
The total amount paid out was quite big. Lesson learnt:-

  1. If you do not expect any parcel from anyone you know or anything you have ordered, don’t accept the parcel, whether it is delivered to your house or office.

  2. If you are not sure, ask the post office or the delivery man who is the
    sender. If you don’t expect any parcel from the sender, don’t accept. You can refuse to accept the parcel of mail by claiming that you do
    not know the person it is addressed to.

:arrow: Always check with your partner or family members first before accepting the delivery.

My friend has similar personnel experience whereby a parcel was delivered to his house via postlaju. His wife did not expect any parcel,
so she called my friend, gave him the sender’s name. He was not sure who, so he asked his wife not to accept. Although the postman insisted that the parcel is address to the right address, she told a white lie that
there is no such person living there. So be careful what you receive. It
may land you into a lot of trouble!