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[quote=“gameaddict”][quote=“Anhelicoodle”]I’m sure i’m not the only one here who ever experienced mass hysteria in school. In the late 90s, it happened in our school (mass hysteria); where girls gone berserk; some even attack others while cursing.

After a month, the principal brought in a shaman(bomoh) to ‘purify’ the school compound. The shaman found a human bone, a plastic of blood (claimed it is period blood) and some hokeypokey thingy lodged in the ceiling of the girls toilet.

Anyone else share the same experience?

PS: I never accept that hocus and hex is legit btw.[/quote]

It happen to my school before.
i think is around 2003 or 2004, not really sure. I think anyone from SMK Riam would know about it. During assembly time, few girls goes crazy shouting in weird voices. After that, few ustaz (dunno how to spell it) comes and tried to calm them down.[/quote]

did it work?

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Dunno oh, they were carried over to the surau, then we all go back to class.

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Why mass hysteria only happens to malay girls in Malaysia?

Here is one of those weird Malaysia facts or weird things in Malaysia which many Malaysians still couldnt comprehend. Do you know that the outbreak of mass hysteria or epidermic hysteria only or rather mostly happens to perempuan Melayu (Malay girls) in Malaysia?
Although this freaky phenomena has happened to other people in other parts of the world, but here in Malaysia, it affects predominately the female Malay community; among Malay lower seconday school girls in schools or those staying in hostels and also Malay factory girls.
Talking about mass or epidermic hysteria in Malaysian secondary schools, my sister who once witnessed this weird and unexplainable occurrence when she was studying in Sekolah Menengah Sri Muar, back in the early 80s.
She told me it only affected the Malay girls, and not a single Chinese or Indian school girl. What happened was, all of a sudden, for no obvious reason, one girl started crying hysterically and then staggered and went down on the ground.
It was as if her legs went jelly and she just fell to the ground in convulsion and continued crying and screaming. And automatically this triggered other Malay school girls to act the same weird manner. This caused a chain reaction. Some of the affected girls even fainted.
Some say that this strange and sudden outbreak of mass hysteria is because the school compound or the factory area is kotor (dirty in the sense it is haunted ). What they actually mean is there are jins (spirits) living around those places. And these girls happen to kacau (disturb) the spirits.
This is one of those weird things which we often hear or read about, but still couldnt fathom. The big question is why it strikes only the gadis Melayu (Malay girls) in Malaysia?
Here are some weird malaysia news reported in the local daily about mass hysteria outbreak in schools and school hostels. Back in August, 2009, 35 students kena (struck) mass hysteria in SMK Tanjung Lumpur in Kuatan. The school engaged a bomoh (shaman) to cleanse the school by holding religious recitals and prayers.
Then on July, 2001, a mass or epidermic hysteria struck more than 30 secondary school girls at Puchong Perdana National School. It happened during a morning assembly, when suddenly a 15 year-old girl started screaming, and then collapsed. And her strange action spread to other school girls and they all began acting violently, throwing objects and screaming.
According to the State educational officer, this school have experienced similar incidents many times before.
Last year on July, more than 60 students of a secondary school in Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor, were involved in an epidermic hysteria. It all started by a girl staying in the girls hostel in the school.
One student was reported saying that the weird incident had taken place after a white apparition was seen on a bed in the hostel. … aysia-new/

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A video tat will really make you think…


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Been a while since I last posted…
so here are some random stuff I found intriguing…

article :- … 2603_2.htm

Fogs that made ppl disappear?!

story 1 :-
Putre, Chile, 1977

  • At 3:50 a.m. on April 24, during army training exercises, a guard saw two fuzzy violet lights descending from the mountain and heading their way. At 4:15 a.m., Corporal Armando Valdez set out into the dark to investigate them. He returned 15 minutes later, but from the opposite direction in which he set out. He seemed to be in a kind of trance, muttering, “You do not know who we are or where we come from.” Inexplicably, the corporal had several days growth of beard, and his watch had stopped at 4:15 - but showed a date of April 30!

Story 2 :-
Oxford, Maine, 1975

  • At 3 a.m. on October 27, David Stephens, 21, and an 18-year-old friend were in a wooded area when they heard a strange sound. They got in their car to go investigate, and the vehicle was soon enveloped in a colored glow. There was a blink in reality and the two instantly found themselves about a mile away with the car pointing in the opposite direction. They subsequently suffered various physical abnormalities, including severe disorientation.

Story 3 :-
Somerset, England, 1974

  • On July 28, Peter Williamson was having a barbecue in his backyard garden, which was interrupted by a heavy electrical storm. His dog, spooked by the threatening atmosphere, cowered under a tree. Peter went to rescue the animal. There was a bright flash - and Peter vanished into thin air! Police were called and a thorough investigation and search were conducted, without success. At 8 a.m., three days later, Peter was found in some nearby bushes with one foot in a pond - as if he had just appeared there out of nowhere.

Story 4 :-
Linhares, Brazil, 1981

  • On April 20, Jorge Ramos, who was a representative for a chemical company, left his home at 6 p.m. to travel a few miles to a meeting. He never arrived. His Volkswagon was found on a side road a few miles from his home; the key was still in the ignition and all his business and personal effects were in the car. Police investigations could not account for what happened to Jorge or where he was. Five days later, his wife received a frantic call from Jorge. He said that while driving his car he was covered in a strange white glow after which he found himself in a dreamy, floating state. He came to standing by an unfamiliar road and sought help. To his shock, he discovered that the date was now April 25 - and he was 600 miles from home!

Story 5 :-
Randles points to an incident that took place in Florida in which a time storm may have been captured on videotape! In 1996 at 11:16 p.m., surveillance cameras were routinely monitoring and taping the area around a small factory. The videotape reveals what happened: As a worker approached one of the gates, a fuzzy white glow appeared and covered the area where the man was standing. There was brief electrical interference to the cameras, but when they cleared, the man had disappeared. One hour and 50 minutes later, the cameras recorded his sudden reappearance. He was on all fours, violently ill and suffered a two-hour gap in his memory.

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interesting article discussing about fairies in general

there is a vid down below showing a guy allegedly capturing a live one with his handphone camera.
interesting if true, of course.

Article :- … -says.html

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Ever heard of the jersey devil…?

well, in this site, there is a vid that in which they caught the thermal imagery
of something…
worth taking a look… hehe … o-1st.html

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article :- … slideshow/

some pics of something freaky that washed up on shore in spain.
personally, due to the “whiteness” of the rotting corpse…
I think the possibility of it being a man-made hoax is higher in my view…

another article with a video clip for it below. … 49316.html

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Sharing my accidental findings…canada hill.


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Just disproving that it is not real based on the colour of the river or jungle cannot be reliable as the image could have been taken at a certain angle and time of day. The camera itself may not be good itself. Unless there is certainty regarding the time the pic was shot and photography equipment used the truth is still out there.