Pandelela won gold!

i was suprised this morning cause no one post this good news,so here. so proud of this young girl

THE Negaraku was played for the first time ever at a Commonwealth Games aquatics venue yesterday and Malaysia had the impish Pandelela Rinong to thank for.
The 16-year-old, who has shown so much promise, proved that the faith in her was justified with a magnificent win in the 10m platform, a result which pushed the world class Australians into second and third place.

It was also the end of the bridesmaid’s tag for Pandelela, who had won two silver in the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore and in the Commonwealth Games, and was runner-up with Leong Mun Yee in the 10m platform synchro silver on Sunday.

Her gold was delivered in stunning style as Pandelela, just like she and Mun Yee needed on Sunday, had to produce a superb dive to pip Australian Melissa Wu to the gold and that is exactly what she did.

“I dedicate this gold medal to my parents for the support they have given me,” said Pandelela.

It was a triumph which had not looked possible after her second dive, which gave her a mere 58.05 points after opening with a 79.50.

If her first dive had given her a four-point lead over Melissa, the second saw her dropping to fourth.

“I felt a little frustrated as after my first dive, I thought I had a chance of winning gold but the second dive kind of spoilt it.”

But Pandelela displayed maturity beyond her years as she pulled herself together.

“I told myself to just focus on my remaining dives as I still had a chance for a medal finish and that was very important.”

She also kept reminding herself that she had beaten the Australian in last year’s world championships, where Pandelela finished fifth and Melissa sixth.

That saw her edging closer and closer to Melissa and when Pandelela, who was the last to dive by virtue of finishing qualifying as the top ranked diver, made her way to the platform, her coach’s advise was ringing in her ears.

“He told me to think only of a perfect dive and nothing else. The Australian was still in the lead but if I executed my final dive perfectly, the gold would be mine.”

Which she did and the judges rewarded her with 81.60, the highest scoring dive of the night, and gold was won by the slimmest of margins as Pandelela’s final score was 371.05 while Melissa had 369.50. Bronze was won by another Australian, Alexandra Croak.

Malaysia’s challenge in the men’s 3m springboard ended with Yeoh Ken Nee the best finisher in sixth place with 422.30 points. Bryan Nickson Lomas was seventh (419.30) while Muhd Fakhrul Md Zain (381.50) was 10th.

That didn’t matter though and as Pandelela took her medal march, the impish smile was firmly on her face and her thoughts were with her parents but she had done the whole of Malaysia proud.

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I read the news in the news paper today.
I am very happy for this young Bidayuh Lass who could pull the best in her last dive to get the gold medal.I also manage to see her dive last night in TV. The Commentators were surprised too.
We could see from the article in the newspaper, how confident is this young girl and the good support and upbringing of her by the family.

It looks Sarawak has got some hidden talents in swimming and diving. With good support from everyone we can see more of these youngsters reaching international levels. Lets not load Pandela with incentives and prize money. but she should be given the needed support at all levels.

Can she be the Nicol David of Sarawak ? . Nicol David is known for her hard work, perseverance,commitment and also a role model.

Please keep the politics away and lets support this Lass to reach her next goal at International level

congratulations to her for making Sarawak proud. she must be rewarded.

off-note: dont be surprised our Sarawak ministers will be jockeying, jostling with each other to be the first to be photographed with her once she arrived back home. a picture of any ministers publish in local papers with her will be good PR exercise for them.

i’ve been following her since i think last 2 years when borneo post did a story about her and other sarawak swimmers/divers… she won bronze in world championships in rome,the first ever medal for malaysia in that competition, and then in youth olympics she won 2 silvers i think…there was another world class competition which she wanted to join,but advised against by her coach cos too many competitions already…on she’s only 17!! wonder which city she come from?

thumbs up to our Sarawakian!