PAN MATURING PROCESS (Hijack and Manipulation)

Hijack and Manipulation

If the Pan Maturing Process exists then this process can be easily hijacked for Playing Magic on Psychological influences as if the Magician can play Magic (delusion) on the objects.

The manipulation usually starts at the time when the individual is facing a lot of difficult situations. These undesirable conditions will gradually build up the physiological responses of the individual. This then followed by the drug administer and certain psychological tricks play to this individual through the Initiators in order to increase the intensity of the physiological responses, hence triggers the process.

Once the triggering has started then the Learning sequence can be easily manipulated. The ongoing desire to tell other can easily be picked up by persons done the monitoring, both the initiators and monitors. Through the desire of telling the secret, the monitor will then decide whether this individual is a hidden spy. If the individual is not a spy, the monitor will then see if the individual have the quality of being mute then he/she may be absorbed to become an under covered agent.

To train a successful and capable spy (under covered agent) will be best in his or her natural condition and the training shall be so natural that nobody will pay attention to it, then the chances for this spy to survive in the adverse conditions will be increased. And the Pan Maturing Process exactly provides the condition for the monitors to conduct such training.

Worst still the Selecting sub-sequence provides a perfect process for those potential spies to be monitored until desirable fit pattern of operations achieved, where only the monitor will know how to use the right tuned electromagnetic frequency to activate these sets of fit synchronizations.

Just ponder carefully, the Muting sub sequence is to train the individual not to tell the secret, the Ignoring sub sequence is to train the individual not to be confused by all the unnecessary influences and the Selecting sub-sequence is to fix a fit pattern for this individual to carry up the operation, what a perfect matching!

For those who fail in this manipulation will be divided into two folds: those who fail in the keeping of secret will put into situation that he/she may end up in the mental ward, as for those who are able to go through the process yet not qualified for being spy will then be social-engineered to different fit patterns of citizens.

We never know whether the lives of six million Jews sacrificed in German concentration camps and tens of thousands of Chinese lives sacrificed in Japanese unit 731 experiments during the World War II had been systematically experimented for this process then executed.

Note: Initiators are a group of people who have been long experienced the process and have been absorbed to carry out the initiation of the manipulating process:

Jobs (tricks) done by the initiators are as followed:

  1. stalking and spying the under processed individuals
  2. admitting drugs
  3. install electrical devices
  4. set fooling tricks and programs
  5. spreading rumors and etc

The initiators are divided into two folds; those who are not aware and yet being controlled to do so, for example like force to follow or wait for certain person for no meaning at all…

AND those who intentionally follow the under processing individual and proceed to the under processing individuals habitats to install the psychological tricks and electronic devices. (I will discuss the psychological effects arise from these tricks and electronic devises on another topic.)

On top of these initiators there are the monitors who do all the planning and are seem to be formed by a committee of people, who think they have the right to control others wills

Both initiators and monitors form the manipulating group have medical personnel involved among them; as the technology for this manipulating process need these medical personnel to attain to.

It is very unfortunate that not only your enemies but some of the initiators and monitors are your close friends, family members (brothers and sisters) and your own spouse. As far as this manipulating process is concerned; no friendship and family relationship will be considered; to them they are just carrying out their duties regardless of the under processed individuals welfare…

What make these initiators and monitors to do such acts is very much a mystery, nevertheless the background behind their motives to act as a team is definitely involved with lots of cunning and immoral deals; for example free and unrevealed sex plays (adulteries) among the team members, both power and money bribery, joy of controlling people, jealousy etc and an endless list of deals and they seem to be very well coordinated, well trained within the team, this indicates that courses must have been conducted for the team members…

Few Technical Tricks for pondering:

  1. Murmuring and Brain waves Data

Certain psychedelic drugs which causes the self-murmuring symptom admitted to the under processed individual will cause this symptom to emerge, and during this period of ongoing desire to speak, the under processed individual ends up with self murmuring for at least one to few weeks, the brainwaves of each wording spoke will be detected by hidden electronic receivers and the wording of speech will be recorded then together with the brainwaves frequencies and recorded wordings will be matched and collected as data.

After this murmuring stage the undergoing processed individual will start to feel being controlled in the sense that his/her mind will be able to be read by divine force or spiritual and enter into a better synchronization stage, in fact these are the tricks due to enough data collection on brainwaves frequencies matching the speech of wording during the murmuring stage: when the collection of matching on spoken words and brainwaves frequencies are enough to form the random combinations of fluent sets of meaning, then the hidden electronic receiver will be able to read ones mind when he/she is thinking without speech, as the brainwaves emitting from the head will be detected and translated into fluent sets of meaningful wording, then another electronic transmitter will then emit the signals to activated the matched frequencies for wording like right, wrong, ignore and etc, with these simple words of instructions and the translation of fluent sets of meaningful wording from brainwaves; the undergoing processed individual will then be able guarded toward the desired behaviour which the manipulator wants…

  1. Tetanic Stimulation (High Frequency Sequence Stimulation) and dendritic spines growth in Synapses

How is the segregation being created? This is a question most of us want to know, and the key word may be on the “Tetanic stimulation”:

In neurobiology, a tetanic stimulation consists of a high-frequency sequence of individual stimulations of a neuron. It is associated with long-term potentiation.
High-frequency stimulation causes an increase in transmitter release called post-tetanic potentiation (Kandel 2003). This presynaptic event is caused by calcium influx. Calcium-protein interactions then produce a change in vesicle exocytosis.
Tetanic stimulation is used to detect a non - depolarizing block or a depolarizing block on the neuromuscular junction.
Lower elicitations of tetanic stimulation in aged muscles were shown to be caused by lower levels of anaerobic energy provision in skeletal muscles (Campbell, Marsh, Spriet, 1991). (Source from Wikipedia)

With the continuation of electromagnetic waves at High Frequency stimulation, this process will cause the nerve neurons to stimulate the growth of more dendritic spines in synapses connections:

The more the connections of dendritic spines growth in synapses means the more sensitive to the receptions of the electromagnetic wave interferences (and strong emit of brainwaves too), hence only those who have undergone the process will be able to receive the electromagnetic waves signals well and therefore create the Segregation Phenomenon.

The increase of dendritic spines growth in synapses connections through Tetanic Stimulation may require the environment (or situation) of the undergone processed individual to be put into extreme stress (this may involve the short and long term potentiation) and drugs that help with the growth of dendritic spines growth in synapses will then admitted at the same time.

The Tetanic stimulation also plays an important role in executing the undergoing process individuals mysteries behaviors; for example curling of the fingers, body jerking, difficulty on breathing and etc, either voluntary or involuntary movements, all these can be manipulated by the strength of the Tetanic Stimulation through different frequencies, different neurotransmitters (or signaling cascades via different levels of calcium influx) will then release to cause desirable effects on the undergoing processed individuals body movements hence causes the individual to have a fear of this control…then he/she will then stupidly follows the manipulator instruction…