Paint Gun War at miri!

located at kampung sukan petronas miri

payment Rm80 ringgit for 200 pallet…to play u need at least 4…or more…the more the player the better :confused:

Nothing! if u can withstand the hits…then u good to go no experiance needed…if u feel u like to play…then go play.Girls allow play also… XD here some pic i take from that last friday

Take Aiming

Trick Shots ahahah lolz

The Groups

aiyer big size guy like me sure cant use those things O.o!

:shock: …RM80 for 200 pallet???..that is so…expensive!!!

wish i got the extra money to play…always wanted to give it a try…

Looks like my best friend in the picture left out a detail about this really cool sport…I better go back and try this for myself…

tat must be Abi rite sileast?

200 bullets…well i donno …it depen on the game play lah…usually if u like to shoot ppl like orang gila surely u wasted money lor…the boss there say if u want to make your rm80 worth it…shot single shot…don`t burst.then again…how u feel if ppl e.g your friend shot burst fire at u…really pain full man… anyway feel free to try it…if u want your photo taken…my friend will be playing the game again this friday…and hopefully i be there to take new pic…or take video to post it on the net.

i heard that if u register as member…u need to do is pay 1k for 1 time payment…then u play that game for around maybe 25ringgit for 200 bullets…i think…need to discuss with the big boss on how to become memberships.

well big or small size ppl u its doesnt matter....the only thing that u need to have is..tactics.. XD u know how to cover or when to shoot..for beginnger the guns usually adjust to low setting so u ppl dont fell so much pain if kena hits…but if u don`t like beginnger setting…prepare to be pokadoted… XD…after the game u usually got red blue and blood on your body XD…so come and try it out…its funs…im the one that take the pic also want to play…but no money liau T_T…maybe i play when i get some cash…or got some money lah…i invite my friend do battle war… default gun setting XD

p/s when u ppl want to play…use long pants, shoes and dirty shirts…or usually shirts that u dont mind when it become dirty lah XD and watch your back..since the body armor dont have back cover .sooo if some one hit u from behind…ouchies man XD hahaha

Does it have special bullet prove vest to wear? coz i dun wanna die when play this game…ehehehe

WOW!!! Rm80 for 200 is kinda expensive.

Do they charge for using the protective gear as well?

:smiley: OMG… thank you very much for that info Chibi-chan. I’ve been asking around for it quite a while now. Can you add some more details to it? Like, how long do you get to play, whom to call, bisness time, special deals etc…

Your friend,

Good to hear Miri has got this sport now. May be a bit expensive, i don;t know…how is the price like in West Malaysia? or Western countries?

wat i mean bout big size is those protective baju things lol @@ sure canot fit @@ ill be a big target for everyone @@ hmm how do you rate the pain of the hits? hehehe i wanna knooww

the protective baju not that big ler…only cover your chest…the thing is like thinner then your lapit getah kereta one…but no worry mate…u usually kena hit at the hand arm and legs XD owh and FACE XD ahahha…the pain RATE…well i donno lah…since they set it to beginnger setting…but…by the look at the Ref Hand…i think its 8/10 since the skin become blue color …short range its 10/10 sometime can bleed one

ok Z3D question…

[quote=“Z3D”] OMG… thank you very much for that info Chibi-chan. I’ve been asking around for it quite a while now. Can you add some more details to it? Like, how long do you get to play, whom to call, bisness time, special deals etc…

Your friend,

the time usually 200 bullets its kinda sikit right…but trust me it take 2hours to finish the game…the mask quite hot u know…and…contacts??u can call the guy name Jonathan chin he will arrange the bookings for u…the bisness time…even night also u can play…but cannot see man XD…and special deals…u pay rm1000 for membership…so everytime u play u only pay 25 bucks for 100 bullets and 35 bucks for 200 bulletsfor member only.

and 1 more thing…before u play…make sure u gether your kawan…u don`t want to play alone right…usually like i said…u need around 10 or 14 person…for 1 game…less then 10 make the game quite boring since kinda shot since u get them fastdepen on your aiming lah…if u want u join me and the gang this friday around 3…we kumpul teams and go killing spree XD

for booking purpose call jonathan chin at 0128071066

this the gun looks like…

Although this game may be in western countries for some time already…they even have competitions. I wish all of you all the best in having fun with it…who knows as the game grows u might get to represent the city or the country for this paintball game…

I think the price is more or less the same for West Malaysia. This is an expensive game lor. Then you will end up coming home blue-black if hit by the paintball. Aiks!! Still, i would love to give it a try one day.

It is time :twisted: for the representative of to deal with them … tell them that we are a BIG group of online forum members here in Miri (some said … link over the entire world too :wink: ) … give us discount and in return “we” (the forum) will promote their business establishment !!! :mrgreen: dont play-play … we can be a POWERFUL group in no time :lol:

Agree with Nightwatch… 8)

Powerful group to play paintball. That’s new. :roll: :smiley:

OTOH, I know the fella that had this initial idea and had bounced the idea around with him on how to start it prior to this. Nice to see Jonathan Chin bringing his dream to reality.

Glad to hear that we Mirian…as last can play this game. But dun you guys think it’s a bit mahal? aIYO…rM80.00 is my 2 wiks petrol oi…Sure alot of Bruneian go…that’s y mahal…WHY is that most games are soooo expensive to play? Even you wan to playy FUTSAL also mahal ( at the road going to Tudan ). My dear brother and frenz like to paly FUTSAL…but wat2do…young boyz dun owes hv that much spending money so…they only play once a mth.

The Goverment is trying so hard to promote sports among us …( citizen ) but if mait cost so mahal…who want to play?
I better stick to my old bike…


It is owest like tat whn eva ter’s a new game introduce in town…as it starts 2 grow like mushroom, everybdy tend 2 compete 2 offer cheaper price… :slight_smile:

owh ya…i forgot to mention…rm 80 to rent the GUN! DUH… helmet, neck guard and vest…and i call jo…they will be playing this friday around 3pm or so… XD i pokai so i just see or take video …