Paid-to-click side income

Foreword: So i search the forum for a thread about Online Paid-to-Work Paid-to-View Paid-to-Click Discussions. Turns out none that is recent.

So, Any of guys here does PTC in your free time (or even work time)? Mind sharing what websites you used and why you used it? Who knows we can get a referral train going here.

as for me im solely doing was a member but havent been active for two years and only actually starting recently about one or two months ago. mediocre payout i guess… RM50 so far just by my own. You might make more if you have friends joining under you.
Definitely not something to make a living of but hey, 2 minutes a day for 2 months isnt that bad right? At least i can get a crate of Beer. kek

I’m always weary about sites like this. I mean the paid survey part that they have, they never pay out. I’ve tried tons of these and none of them worked because they don’t actually want to pay you. And when they do pay you, it’s pretty much nothing because they want you to work for pennies. I would much rather do something else online. I’m sure that there are other forums where you can figure out how to make more money online.

I tried a few sites like this in the past and they are not worth it. They just sell your email to 3rd party companies and you earn maybe 10 cents.

I remember someone telling me about this in like 09. Saying they could make thousands from home. This is all hype and scams. Don’t trust any of them.