Package 2 Centralised Sewerage System to operate soon

KUCHING: The estimated RM750 million-Kuching City Centralised Sewerage System (KCCSS) Zone 1 Package 2 project is expected to be in operation soon.

According to the director of Sewerage Services Department Lau Hieng Ung, the project under Package 2 would cover areas in Petra Jaya such as Jalan Astana and Kampung Gita.

“The project will be extended to Petra Jaya under the Eleventh Malaysia Plan. The government has awarded a design-build and turnkey contract to Kumpulan-Nishimatsu-Hock Seng Lee Consortium on March 16, 2016. The major components of Package 2 consist of the second module of the centralised sewage treatment facility; sewer network and property connections,” Lau told The Borneo Post here yesterday.

He added that the completion of Package 2 project was vital to ensure streams and rivers flowing to Sarawak River would be healthier and less polluted.

“But even with the completion of Package 2, we will only be able to cover 20 per cent of the whole of Kuching,” he said, adding that an estimated amount of RM4 billion would be needed if proper sewerage services for the whole of Kuching were implemented at current rate.

Lau added that the Darul Hana sewerage project, which would cost RM20 million, would also be implemented simultaneously with Package 2.

“The Darul Hana project shall be implemented concurrently with Package 2. It shall provide sewerage service to 5,000 Population Equivalent (PE)

from the Darul Hana development area. The work comprises secondary and tertiary sewer networks and will be connected to the existing Kuching Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP), which was commissioned under Package 1,” he said.

The CSTP is located on a 10.9ha site adjacent to Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Bridge. The site has sufficient land to accommodate 4 modules of sewage treatment facility. Each module will have a capacity of 100,000 PE. Thus, the site will have the final capacity of 400,000 PE. The first module was commissioned under Package 1. The second module will be constructed under Package 2.

“The Sewer Network is designed based on gravity flow system. The network comprises the trunk sewer, the secondary sewer and the tertiary sewer,” said Lau.

The Package 1 project costing RM530million has been completed on January 31, 2015. It covers the central business district of Kuching City; from Satok to Wisma Saberkas right up to Padungan area. It includes housing areas, commercial centres and hotels. The project was commissioned on October 2008.

Similarly, in Miri City, works on the sewerage system costing RM428 million, has been awarded to Hock Seng Lee.

“Of the amount RM333 million will be allocated to build the sewerage system for the Miri business district and the remaining RM95 million will be used to construct the centralised sewage treatment plant in Tudan,” said Lau.

Meanwhile, Lau said his department has been working closely with Kuching City Councils to prevent eateries from discharging used cooking oils and grease into the sewerage system.

“We seek the cooperation from the owners of these eateries not to discharge used cooking oil and grease into the sewerage system to prevent clogging. When clogging

happens, it will create disservice to road users as well as to members of the public at large,” added Lau.

Source: The Borneo Post

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