Orphans try theatre acting

Orphans try theatre acting

By : NewsDesk

Date Posted : Friday 29-Apr-2016

MIRI: Eight students from Hamidah Yakub Orphanage Complex here tried their hands at theatre acting during a drama workshop organised with the help of a few volunteers from Curtin Theatre Club.

The workshop, which took place at the orphanage, was part of The After School Project. It aimed to build up the confidence of the students besides exposing them to the world of theatre.

Volunteers from Curtin Theatre Club started the session with a few rounds of charades and a game of human bingo as a warm up for the kids.

The session was followed by a mini performance by the volunteers which the participants thoroughly enjoyed.

The students underwent basic drama training and had the chance to showcase their talents by acting out classic fairy tales such as the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’.

“Through this workshop, I can see that the students are enthusiastic about expressing themselves through acting” said the Corporate Communication Manager, Angelyna Ental.

“Many of them have hidden talents. I definitely encourage more sessions of Drama Workshops for the kids at the orphanage,” Angelyna added.

The volunteers concluded the workshop with a photo taking session with the children as a token of remembrance.

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