Orphan's heart speaks

Today StaFriday August 19, 2011
Accident left me without a family

PETALING JAYA: Nurul Faraain Alimee stays at the Rumah Bakti Hulu Klang, an orphanage, but the 15-year-old remembers the time when she, like so many other children, had a family a father, mother and a sibling to play with.

She also remembers the cruel night when her father was taken away and her life was changed forever.

Alimee Ismail, was involved in a motorcycle accident.

Then only six, she was sleeping when her mother woke her and told her they had to go to the hospital because of her father,

At the hospital, I found out that my father had died, said Nurul Faraain, saying Hari Raya had never been the same again.

My father and I would go Hari Raya shopping every year. He would take us to Malacca to visit our grandmother.

Those were our happiest moments, she said.

Her favourite gift from her father was a purple baju kurung, which was the favourite colour for both of them.

The Form Three student feels lonely nowadays as the accident has split her family and she is now staying at the orphanage.

My mother was unable to care for the four of us alone. My two younger siblings are staying with my mother in Gombak while my 18-year-old elder sister is studying in Kedah, said Nurul Faraain.

Her Hari Raya wish is for all motorists to drive carefully on the road to avoid accidents and cherish their loved ones.

Orphanage manager Ishak Osman said it was tragic to see parents taken away from their children so suddenly.

It is heart-wrenching when I see children waiting by the door for their family members to visit. he said.

In Malacca, Mohd Yassin Ibrahim, 20, was orphaned at the age of two after his parents were killed in an accident in 1992, prays the same fate won’t befall other children.

I know how hard it is to grow up without parents. I had a miserable childhood without parental love and no one should endure this painful experience, he said yesterday.

Mohd Yassin, who is now pursuing higher studies in Kuala Lumpur, grew up at an orphanage in Jasin.

Malaysian Orphans Welfare Organisation Datuk Dr Tengku Mahmud Mansor said based on their observations, road accidents were among the major factors in the rise of the number of orphans.

He said there were :shock: more than 300,000 orphans in the country.

So sad, this is something even money cannot buy… A happy family.