[Opinion] Opening a small business

Any guru out there. can give me an advise ???
what opening a small business… Provide services

How to go about the register the business ? because dealing need to issue invoices.
So, can I do the business at my house & use house address as office?

Or I still have to rent shoplot to do the business. ??

register Sdn Bhd/Bhd must be at SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia)…and register for Trading/enterprise or etc must take a form from Resident Office…Yes you have to rent a shoplot…:slight_smile:

Thanks harrisonabot… but how about registering as a sole proprietary ? can we use our home as the address? what are the other requirements? thanks

By right should be cannot…but somehow notice that someone registered using home address as well…just ask the guy at SSM…they will help you…

By right should be cannot…but somehow notice that someone registered using home address as well…just ask the guy at SSM…they will help you…[/quote]

Ah. i see… thanks BSB =)

you need make a company’s chop and check the company name you want whether still available or not :slight_smile:

I don’t operate physical business, but registered a company to manage my investments. I ain’t sure about your country’s legislation so this advice isn’t accurate, but this is pretty much the basics;

  1. For enterprise, your liability is unlimited and your personal property and money can be confiscated in event of bankruptcy. However, it isn’t liable to pay tax (income tax on owners do apply though) For Sdn Bhd, the risks is limited but the company needs to pay tax and you need to go through many procedures such as appointing directors, etc. You can start with enterprise and upgrade later.

  2. You can operate your business from home if it is all about office works and you’d be meeting clients outside at their place most of the time. If you are doing business which involve retail, moving goods in/out, or something rather public, a storefront is required.

  3. You should not infringe other people’s tradename and must avoid using name resembling well-established companies, for example, using Microsuft (Microsoft) is asking for legal troubles.

  4. You need company stamp to open a corporate bank account, the bank will provide you company cheque and online banking facilities. Others include printing receipt, invoices, namecards, quotation. If you want to be more formal; company-logoed lettercover and company notepaper. For all these you can go to or phone local printing companies and ask for quote.

Miri highway Pujut- lutong. most of the house near the road side are housing area. but people operate as business… so, that is why make me wondering how they do it?

undertable money lo, how else…

can any one suggest where to buy invoice, payment voucher & receipt for business purpose…manual writing type of document.

Any place which has a stationary department / store. Popular Bookstore also have. Boulevard Hypermarket Stationary Dept also have.