Opinion of colour for GTR R35!

Just out of curiosity. Since there’s so many users here interested/following R35 GTR. Which colour do you prefer?

Ti Gray is sweet.

dark metal gray :mrgreen:

I Think so too dark metal grey :mrgreen:

why I can’t choose 2 colours… ya… I like the Pearl White and Super Black one…

Waa those of you that chose titanium gray are you guys sure?? I heard that colour looks a bit like champange brown in real life, isn’t that really ugly? Nice meh?

This is a video link of Dark Metal Gray. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W0zbot-fwM

white… innocent looking, but wit a heart of a devil!!! hahahahahahhahaha…

Super Black was Evil :twisted:


If you’ve seen actual titanium, it isn’t brown - it has a very nice tint to it - giving it an air of exotic aesthetics. Ti Gray on the car (at least in the pics) brings out its lines much better than the other colors. Dark metal gray is too dark and Ultimate Silver is too gray, Super Black looks more like charcoal. Red’s more like maroon - plus red is only suitable on Ferraris :P.

It’s all subjective anyway.

Pearl white is nice as well, but first glimpse reminds me of “Type R”.

The Pink Donut King car reminds me of Homer Simpson’s choice of pink donuts.

Transparent will be the best :slight_smile:

I would chose red … can say I am a flashy type if I got a car like that.

i think, the most important is $$$$$$$$$$$$$, u got this for sure u want 2 change colour is anytime saja!!!

I would chose red … can say I am a flashy type if I got a car like that.

I cant agree more with smallee… IF i got a car like tis of coz the more outstanding the better…
White sama je proton wira… Park beside it no one notice my car but notice the highly modified wira. :evil:

Ian is right, the titanium gray looks really special. Its got a very subtle metallic hue to it. I got more pictures off the net. These are from australia and japan. Enjoy!


Aiyo…Red one is nice. Very striking. Kekekeke…
If I buy such a car, sure I want it to be very eyes catching. So, RED is the best for me!!! :slight_smile:

I think the Red color looks cool!. :stuck_out_tongue:

Evo X vs GTR. I have no idea how wide the new GTR is until I see this picture. It looks so fat and wide.