Opera cant display Chinese character properly

Not sure this is the rite place to post question like this,sorry if i’m in the wrong thread :?

My question is :

I’m using IE for internet surfing so far but recently i found when i try to search some Chinese website,normally it will appear “error” and need to shut down the IE.I’m sure that’s not the problem of the site cos it’s normal if i search at another PC.I oledi “repair” and reinstalled the Window XP again but still almost same.

I try to using another browser,Opera,everything is fine but the chinese character juz cant display properly.I oledi tried all the encoding(Chinese Simplified/Tranditional) but still same.The funny thing is b4 i reinstalled XP,it still can display all the character…I try FireFox but still same…

I’m really newbie in this so can anyone help ? Thank u very much :smiley:

Under the View menu, try choose Unicode (UTF-8 ) under ‘Character Encoding’. Should that fail you should also see the Chinese encoding in that menu as well, choose that for a try.

thanks ian,i oledi tried all the method u mentioned but still same,i even open the NJ Star Communicator …the strange thing is in IE ok…

help help help b4 i re-format it :?

another thing is,how to save the “bookmark” in IE if we re-format the PC?

Hmm. If all your language support is installed and yet still have that problem, i can’t tell for sure unless I see the problem.

It’s been a while I’ve touched Windows but as I recall the bookmarks should be in your “Documents and User Settings” folder called Favorites somewhere… (I think)

Maybe others can help you.

thanks again ian,

i’m not sure all the language support is installed but i assuming it is cos it can actually show correctly in IE.Also,i oledi tried all the method in “View > Encording>Unicode > …” but still cant :? maybe kena virus? :cry:

u re rite,the bookmarks are all under “Documents and Settings > Favourite” ,i oledi backup all and if i had to re-format my PC,at least i still can recall some of my favourite webs,thanks ya :smiley:

You really need to double check your character encoding, the unicode UTF-8 like what bro ian mentioned.

In order for Opera to render Unicode characters, the needed glyphs have to be available in the fonts on your system. This might be a problem for older Windows systems. For information on available fonts, see Unicode fonts for Windows computers.

You don’t have to reformat your computer just because the Opera doesn’t work well. If the problem still persist then simply switch to Mozilla Firefox. The browser you can trust. :smiley:

Legacy Encodings:

Encoding | Category | Comments
ISO 8859-1 | Latin	
ISO 8859-2 | Latin | Used in Eastern Europe
ISO 8859-3 | Latin | Rare
ISO 8859-4 | Latin | Sami and Baltic country
ISO 8859-9 | Latin | Turkish
ISO 8859-10 | Latin | Inuit, Sami, and Icelandic
ISO 8859-13 | Latin | Rare
ISO 8859-14 | Latin | Celtic
ISO 8859-15 | Latin | Intended to supersede 8859-1
Windows-1250 | Latin | Used in Eastern Europe
Windows-1252 | Latin	
Windows-1254 | Latin | Turkish
Windows-1257 | Latin | Baltic
Windows-1258 | Latin | Vietnamese
VISCII | Latin | Vietnamese
IBM 866 | Cyrillic
ISO 8859-5 | Cyrillic
koi8-r | Cyrillic
koi8-u | Cyrillic | Ukranian version of koi8-r
Windows-1251 | Cyrillic	
ISO 8859-6 | Arabic	
Windows-1256 | Arabic	
ISO 8859-7 | Greek	
Windows-1253 | Greek	
ISO 8859-8 | Hebrew	
Windows-1255 | Hebrew	
ISO 8859-11 | Thai | Also known as TIS-620
Windows-874 | Thai | Extension of ISO 8859-11
utf-8 | Unicode	
utf-16 | Unicode	
Shift-JIS | Japanese	
ISO-2022-JP | Japanese	
EUC-JP | Japanese	
Big 5 | Chinese
EUC-CN | Chinese | Also erroneously known as GB 2312
HZ-GB-2312 | Chinese | Primarily used in e-mail
EUC-TW | Chinese	
GBK | Chinese | EUC-CN extension
EUC-KR | Korean

Good luck!

My4to, you mentioned that even in IE browsing chinese sites it will crash, correct? Then perhaps there really is a problem somewhere with your encoding. First of all, try removing them, keeping only the basics (English) and then reinstall them again and give it another try before you reformat.

Reformatting is the most frustrating part of any PC experience as you have to go through all the pains of reinstallation and settings so (I feel) that it should be a last resort if the computer you’re using is fairly important for work.

Oh, by the way, the problem could be merely file allocation problems - do a restart and a chkdsk (goto tools Scan Disk for Errors) and give it a go and see how it is…

thanks Ritchie,will double check, actually tried several times but still cant,same thing with Firefox,the strange thing is b4 this everything is fine :cry:

ian,u re right,re-formating relly frustrating,but when it come to a part when some problem cant be settle,especially for newbiw like me(really),i got no choice lor… :? Anyway,will try to do defragment or system restore to earlier time and see wat can be done b4 the final option - re-format :cry: :cry:

um, not defrag, but check disk. (Otherwise known as Scan Disk). Same tab as the Defrag tool. Tell me how it goes… you might also want to try spyware/viral/trojan/malware/elephant removal prior to that too…

thanks ian,bad luck i,choose the final option on 28/11/2006 :cry: :cry:

anyway,really appreciate ur help :smiley: