Opening a tuition class

I have a proposal here!

  • I provide a place with tables and chairs for anyone who would like to open their own tuition class or any other classes.

  • An agreed percentage of amount will be derived from each student’s fees for rents and bills.

  • I will apply for a tuition license for you all IF there are enough people that wanna open their own classes.

  • That place was in a building located near Mega at the third floor.

  • Anyone would like to open their own tuition class, please text me your proposal and tuition class details at 0168992239 or PM me.

  • Your tuition class proposal and details should include TUITION SUBJECT, FEES, TIME SCHEDULE and ETC PLANNINGS.

  • ASAP.

Do understand this post has posted few years back. However, is your proposal still available? Thank you.