Open Water Diver PADI COURSE in Miri(4 -6)May 2012

Open Water Dive PADI COURSE in Miri (4 -6) May 2012


  • Diver Manual, PADI paper Certificate and waterproof Dive Planner (for you to keep)
  • Use of all diving equipments (But it is preferable to have your own personal items such as masks, snorkel, fins & wet suit. These item can be purchased from us with special student discount)
  • 2 boat trips for 4 open water dives
  • Food & drinks on board when doing open water dives


  • 5 modules of classroom sessions
  • 5 modules of skill training in the swimming pool
  • 4 dives in the open waters of the sea on the reefs

This course can be completed in 3 full days. This course provides you with the elemental knowledge and skills you need to safely gain experience in the diving environment and, ultimately, to dive independently. The course is performance-based and designed to take you through simple to complex learning objectives. For those who do not have time for full day training sessions, the lessons can be broken into short sessions. This will take longer time to complete. You can discuss this with us for arrangement of schedules.

Divers who are certified are qualified to:

  • Procure air , equipment and other diving services
  • Engage in recreational open-water diving without direct or indirect supervision
  • Plan, conduct and log open water no-decompression dives when properly equipped & accompanied by another diver in conditions generally comparable to or better than, those in which the divers were trained.
  • Participate in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and many PADI Specialty courses

[size=150]You can start your course immediately this May with CO.CO.DIVE. Please contact 0128766738/01278771808 OR email us @ [/size][size=150] to discuss for more details.[/size]

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Hi Jusv,

I am interested in doing the dive course, but i realised i had miss the recent opportunity. I wonder when is the next dive course available? How much would it cost? Is there any special or offer seasons?

Thank you!

Hi Temblestone,

Thanks for your enquiry. Don’t worries our next available PADI OPEN WATER COURSE will be on 4-6 May, wonder if you are interested? Yes we are having offer now. Please direct contact Grace from Co.Co.dive for more info.