Only those in MC chat will understand this


phew…luckily, im not in the pic…

oh wait, i was the one who took this pic.

I didn’t move my legs nor my hands. I just narrated the story. I am wrong fully accused!

pics or it ain’t true… LOL

why i no wear skirts and no long hair?

errr… its all dornz fault… he took away your hair and your skirt ( <— Say what?!)

This is what actually happened.

doesn’t it look like all of you ganging up on a kid (smaller body size)

shame on you all…

thank god Dornz around to take photographic evidence…

Where is me??? im the one who digging nose all the time :lol: :lol: :lol: make me 1 thnxxxx

Where is me??? im the one who digging nose all the time :lol: :lol: :lol: make me 1 thnxxxx[/quote]

i have trouble drawing a nose digging stick man, maybe dornz can do it…

dornz…if you are the one taking the picture…then who is taking this picture?

stay1, thanks to Google Earth, i can capture that pic…

I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg would be very jealous of this capability.

I got an idea, why don’t everyone keeps adding more stick figures of themselves doing something in the pic…
challenging, no?

when you zoomed out the pic, u’ll get the whole view of event.

totally wrong description … i cleared mentioned i kicked you in the nutz :stuck_out_tongue:

what the heck is miki doing in that pic?
he looks like he is holding a slingshot…

rofl! this is funnei!

shall we add lace into the pic?

no roll for lace LOLS