Only Headmasters can cane students, teachers told


Wednesday October 4, 2006

Only HMs can cane students, teachers told

ONLY headmasters are authorised to cane students with disciplinary problems.

The Education Ministry reminded more than 320,000 teachers nationwide that disciplinary action, including suspension, pay cut or dismissal could be taken against them if they were found to have breached the order.

Harian Metro quoted Deputy Education Minister Datuk Noh Omar as saying that only those who were authorised or had been given the power by headmasters to cane students could do so.

He said one of the reasons that ordinary teachers could not carry out caning was to ensure such action was not conducted out of an emotional response or vengeance against a particular student.

Noh said they had issued 10,000 circulars to schools nationwide to remind teachers of the repercussions of not following the order.


agreed… some teachers are a bit rough on this… at least if headmaster is doing the caning, he can control a bit la… but to me, Parents play a major role on teaching their kids to behave properly outside la…

/me whack Jack
bad! bad!

heh back in primary school teachers all use canning…
roll eyes think far back*… 1990…

secondary school… principal cann ppl infront of assembly.
whole crowd gone total silent. those were the days… :smiley:

I believe we’ve all been victims of the canning (or other physical abuse) method at one point or another in school, and this method does not always work for kids not able to learn to behave through the ‘soft’ ways. The only problem with this is, some of these ‘flawed’ teachers tend to abuse the system just to get back at the naughty kids or to get more feared respect - hence the amended method to put the control in the headmasters’ hands. Lets just hope the headmasters can keep a cool head and don’t start to get funny ideas on how to cash in on this (e.g. accept negotiation for get-out-of-trouble fee instead of canning/punishing them behind closed doors). :stuck_out_tongue: