Online Store member, i would like to share one of my friend website here, enjoy your e-shopping guys. :slight_smile:

nt bad…shud i say pioneer in online biz particularly in Miri… :slight_smile:

yea…thanks Ladybird for viewing.

Lady why u not login chat room anymore ??

B u m p !

More good things added guys…check it out!
click here---->>

erm…the goods not really many leh… :frowning:

Can pay use maybank2u kah? just wondering, I’ve not really explore the online store yet.

That online store is nice…

Too bad I never had a chance to buy anything from online store…

I still think opening the shop at eBay is much better, can get far more attention…

There is the term of delivery within Miri is charge RM15 for the item purchase?

this store in miri one. i know the owner. so anythings that suit u ??

ya can pay by M2U. u also can go his shop as well if u want. :lol: