Online Master Degree

I’m considering to pursue my masters via online mode.
Anyone know of any public/private uni offering such courses in Malaysia besides OUM?
I’m looking into IT/information management/MBA.
Anyone have experience or suggestion, I would really like to hear.
Appreciate the advice.

Wawasan Open University?

University Sains Malaysia

Finish your MBA? if u are still interested, let me know…thanks

I am also keen to pursue my Masters via long distance learning.
If someone can recommend a good institution, that would be fantastic.

Currently a Bachelor of Commerce / HR management, aiming at MBA - general/HR

Curtin University … although it is not online but i think it would not waste too much time on it since it is Master program. You may only go to school once or twice a week ( 2 hours perhaps ) Maybe you can try a call. I am not promoting Curtin University and you can try others Colleges that available in Miri. Just that i think it is better have face to face study in MBA. And of course a good and reputation University is important. Good Luck. :slight_smile: