Onkyo SR505+Jamo S606 for RM3799. Worth it?

Hi, i’m new to hi-fi setup. saw the package offered by SenQ, Bintang plaza…Onkyo SR505 + Jamo S606 (5.0 only no sub) for RM3799 without cables. i did some research…price in west malaysia is RM2999. well being in Miri i guess there’s not much competition so i suppose that explains the price? :cry:

you can ask king sound quote you the price,located at 2020 there,both of them are branded item but i think get a full set of it,dont get it at senq

hmn…never been there…will try to go and ask this weekend…kinda happy the way the amp and speakers sounded…but just that the price doesn’t sound that good

haha…rm3799,erm…quite entry one,rm3799 difficult to get nice amp,i prefer denon,sony,pioneer…you can give your budget to king sound,ask him quote the best price for you…but if really tight budget,just grab a sony all in one home theather,maybe sony muteki,6.2 system,a decent entry rm2999…or pioneer,lg…dont look down at them,maybe what you required can be fullfill by them?go try them out yourself,listen it life…but make sure dont underjudge them if the speaker position not right…Well,hope to hear from you… :slight_smile:

home theater is great for movies…but not music…i’m into both. have not tried muteki tho…mebe shud try…do they have demo unit at imperial?

nop…some amp can do both well,pioneer vsx lx70 do great at both of them,you can check it out…but the price i think is spicy,can check for yamaha amp too…