One Life Exhibition @Bintang

Hey all, any1 here had been to OLR at parkson already?

Dear MiriCommunity Moderators, permission for opening this topic :slight_smile:

I enjoyed my journey going through the exhibition. The smell, the sight, the words on the walls. I got Jothi, and I feel like I was sucked into the world of Jothi, one of the three persons featured in the exhibit (I’ll go for John and Srey Mom tomorrow). The One Life organizers have done a great job. Congrats! :smiley: But I do notice some people went through rather quickly. It’s a pity really. Don’t they have empathy at all? Hmm.

i was there earlier today but have not walk-in to the place. the queue was rather slow moving, so i’ve decided not to wait. i can understand why it is slow…give you the headset, make sure it work, etc.
i like their t-shirt…black in colour with red wording ONE LIFE… and a thumb print (i think).

haha. it was nice… jz pass through malaysia 1… yea… i love the t-shirt also

i just open 1 topic one life revolution see who got go b4… nice?

Aymar. you going again tmrw? might see you there. lol.

it must be quite a thrill going through it… i see, so you will need to go 3 rounds to know all 3 of them?

I did go through! :smiley: I opened up a topic on this too, nickky. Got pics too.

ya i saw it… lol


what is it about?

nickky: It’s nice. You have to forget about actually being in a go-through exhibition, really – and just go along the small alley and listen to the audio file provided.
Jude07: I might go again tomorrow :wink: I have another two ‘journeys’ that I wanted go through. See you there! :smiley:
sfjong: Yes, I think you might need to go three rounds to know the three of them. Because, for each round, you are given one person only. The volunteers even ask me just now if I was a first-timer. So, I guess, some people might go for the full three round (I’ll be one of them :smiley: ).

The start and ending is the same. It’s the journey (and person) who is different. Jothi is from India, John is from Malaysia, and Srey Mom is from Cambodia. These are real people, mind you.

this time they held at miri just from 10-13 december only…last time they held it at the spring kuching for 1 month…

what is this about?

well, if you got time just go…

here’s some shots I’ve made to share.
Girls… but a bit too old for me.
Free admission from 10-13th only.
Marlene in action
Leo members
Come give support lar~ show’em your finger!
“Join a global movement against AIDS” and “Its a chance to take action”… so how? split them apart?
Infected… oh boy!
More people infected…
Too much shutter noise is bad for ears…
Another positive…
5 digits… thanks :slight_smile:
does that answer your question?

Wow…cool. its like nike red Lace up,save lives.
im getting the t-shirt. xD
Aymarr-alyrity. =D

Huh, gabra sekejap I tengok ada ‘clinic’ kt dalam. I thought they were really going to give me a test. I’m afraid of needles! :shock: Haha!

yup thanks

try the Cambodia story… that one definitely sad story. in order to try all the 3 countries,including india, malaysia and cambodia… you have to keep queuing up… :mrgreen: