One Golden Celebration Malaysia International Fireworks Comp

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) 2007 will be the first Malaysia International Fireworks Competition. The magnificent view across the lake overlooked by the grand Seri Gemilang bridge will be the main focus for two weeks. From 18 August 2007 to 2 September 2007, firework experts from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia will be competing for the Merdeka trophy.

For two weeks in August, the skies over Putrajaya are to be lit up by a sequence of firework performances to celebrate Malaysia’s 50th year of Nationhood. The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition, or MIFC, will be a festival of light, music, colour and culture; providing magical experiences for all that attend the lead-up to Malaysia’s Merdeka Day, Hari Merdeka.

During MIFC, renowned international firework teams from around the world will gather in Malaysia to compete in one of the world’s greatest Musical Fireworks Competitions. Regular fireworks displays will be dwarfed by the pyrotechnic artistry at Putrajaya. The shows will be meticulously choreographed to music; the senses will be thrilled by dazzling incandescent displays that will dance to inspirational compositions.

For at least twenty minutes on each competitive night, the maestros of the night will amaze spectators with breathtaking presentations, judged by a panel of celebrities, who will select a winner. The victorious team will receive a prestigious award but their ultimate trophy is the audience delight!

Besides the musical synchronized fireworks competition, Malaysia welcome the guests from all over the world with a showcase of Malaysian food-family fun with magicians and clowns. The country also invite all visitors to the Golden Countdown in the night of August 30th, 2007 to celebrate 50th anniversary as an independent nation together
Dont miss this once in a lifetime extravaganza celebration in Malaysia!

For more information please contact Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board at Tel. 02-631-1994-6

Profile of the multinational contestants of the Musical Synchronized Fireworks Competition

  1. AUSTRALIA - 18 August: Howard and Sons Pyrotechnics Pty Ltd.

This famous Australian fireworks family came to life back in 1922 with Sydney Howard Snr, furthering his keen interest in the art of pyrotechnics by manufacturing small quantities of fireworks in Newcastle, New South Wales. As word past around of Mr. Howard’s extraordinary skill, demand for his services increased.

Andrew Howard (Sydney’s Grandson) has been involved in every major fireworks display the company has presented since 1995. Andrew has a very unique style of designing and choreographing pyromusical displays, He is now known around the world after presenting displays in Saudi Arabia, Macau, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, China, United States of America, Canada and throughout Australia.
2. MALAYSIA - 22 August: Pyro-Splendour Services Sdn. Bhd.

Founded in 1993 Pyro-Splendour is the leading provider of Pyrotechnic effects in Malaysia. Pyro-Splendour’s every show features an unmatched variety of high-quality products, a collection of the most talented and artistic people, state of the art design and display technologies, and the highest level of performance standards.

Pyro-Splendour remains the most experienced, reliable and accomplished fireworks and pyrotechnic display company. The team specializes in Outdoor Aerial Displays and Indoor Theatrical including Stage Effects.

Managing Director, Tony Chung says he is looking forward to taking on the challenge from the world’s top Pyro-Musical competitors and showing them what Malaysia can do - “They may be in for quite a shock!”
3. ITALY - 25 August: Parente Fireworks

A Parente Fireworks creation arises from their passion for pyrotechnic art, which has transcended through generations, keeping this passion alive and rewarded with countless successes. The work of Parente Fireworks is not simply fireworks, but arabesque designs in the sky, with scintillating castles and architecture of lights and colours. The technology involved from inception, to installation, and to the firing of a spectacle, the Parente Fireworks’ industry-leading equipment accompanies the materialization of a dream
4.JAPAN - 30 August: Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks Co., Ltd.

TAMAYA KITAHARA FIREWORKS Co., Ltd. has introduced new techniques to the Japanese tradition since it was founded. Tamaya has been pursuing fireworks as an entertainment, using advanced computerized firing systems and introducing the dynamic Pyro-musicals, the total integration of music into fireworks. Having been highly regarded with its entertaining work, Tamaya has been spreading its wings to Europe, China, USA, and the Middle East as well as in Japan.

The city of Shanghai made public recognition of Tamaya’s big project with 100,000 of massive fireworks at Shanghai International Music Fireworks in Shanghai, China in October, 2000. With that as a start, Tamaya has constantly displayed fireworks in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Tamaya’s work has become well-known for its highly skilled show techniques as represented by the championship at International Fireworks Festival in Barcelona, Spain

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