Old Pal part II

Seems that my pal of that era is not around. Well guys…thanks for all the help.
FYI…i was in the class of 1976-1977 Kolej Bujang :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks again guys

hi, it would probably help a lot if you would state a name. while your friend may not be on this forum, someone who knows him / her might be so they can get him / her to contact you.

Hey… Buwau… u r making it more difficult to locate your friend now… why not just stick to one thread and throw in all the information instead of creating another topic and name it Part 2… :roll:

If u really want to look for your old lost friend… stick to one thread… where everyone could focus and help u out…

thanks for your kerja sama dude…

Your Original topic…Old Pal