Oil n Gas Company

I juz graduate as Mechanical Engineer n trying to find information regarding oil n gas company … I know there a lot of topic about this … but the problem that I had is my academic result isnt that good … So i’m hoping to know about medium or lower type of oil n gas company which at least give minimum required for university result… As I read from other posts , a lot of international company is discussed … As my knowledge based what I read in forum, Consultant company should be what I want to be work with… I really want to have experience in oil and gas company even if the company give me the lowest minimum salary that can be given for fresh graduate … But as i search it seems very hard to find company that is from bottom(i read that is better to find experience from bottom)… I hoping that anyone can provide me with name of companies that maybe have lower requirement in academic besides big company… n preferable in Sarawak… Thanks :slight_smile:

P/s : My CGPA is lower than 3.00

hi, are u working now?