Oil Mens of Miri, whats your say?

Dear Oil Kakis of Miri;

Ever since your Miri Star Cineplex have such a poor boring quality & sound craps; Lets watch YouTube; you have free quota & internet.

Movie: Fuel Movie 2008

source: http://www.thefuelfilm.com/

Awards: 2008 Sundance Film Festival Winner - Audience Award


  1. the story of the VeggieMan of USA questioning the damaging done using cheap oil by producing oil company giant like ExxonMobil; Chevron & BP.
  2. Biodiesel; you will be amaze by how a normal diesel car are able be power by our daily vege oil…come on how much you fried your chicken wings till overly done?
  3. Energy Policy
  4. Why are rainforest gone missing; issue such as Palm Oil…& Soy oil…What is the world economy value
  5. Cheap OIl & Cheap food connection.
  6. the technological break-thru had happen; How about Algae? Poo poo + Algae = energy?

Sarawakian; do you see the daily problems of our local industry that is not going anywhere?

  1. We rely on palm oil to get our economy going; but why we are not utilizing part of it somehow? where is our technological development for sustainable living?
  2. We have many vehicles run with diesel; what if we run with using bio-diesel?
  3. We have heaps of Poo poo; waste water…why we cant add algae n it power up our cars?
  4. Is our energy policy in-line with sustainable energy development?

pls dont involve politics with this energy issues. Im here to show you want you able to do; a messenger; you to be the doers.

what do you expect the oil men of miri to say? they all drunk asleep with over sized bellies under the table using cash wads as pillows. the environment can go get screwed for all they cares.

as a non oil man in miri, i do cares about the environment but nothing much i can do about it except lessen my carbon footprint.

on the other note have you heard about the German guy with his bought from the Indonesian govt 5000 hectares of deforested by loggers forest reforested by himself in the kalimantan side of Borneo? seems he has the solution for the world energy need with his sugar-palm plantation and ethanol derivatives solutions.