Offshore vacancy available

Anyone Know any E& I inspector, Barge Clerk and Riggers cum oiler available…?? How to apply ?? need some help from miri Community member.

Thanks alot & Happy Deepavali.

u local miri people?

No. i am from Simanggang/ Sri Aman. but previously live in miri for 7 years.

eveyone wan work offshore, who wan work onshore in future. lolol

Let the Lazy Boy…The Kopi ‘o’ Geng work on_shore. Offshore only for Workerholic people like me and furthermore…good pay ma!@!!! :smiley:

you can refer to this thread…might be useful…


Thank to J. howard for your advice.

orait…glad to help bit2…

wei, does not mean that working onshore are lazy la duh…

In Desa Senadin oso got 1 company offers offshore vacancies~

Amilton Resources Sdn Bhd,
No 1005, Desa Senadin Shoplot, Desa Senadin, 98000 Miri.

u can try there too… good luck!

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already register at sikom