Offshore Life

Let me open a topic a little bit about Offshore Life. I know a lot of Mirian nowadays after finish SMK will try to apply to work at Offshore since oil is thicker than water and it easy for them to know all about Offshore from his Father, Brother, Brother In Law, Cousin, Uncle, Friend who are work in Offshore. Love the way Offshore? Big salary? Working 12hours a day and night depending on your shift that was 6am to 6 pm - 6pm to 6am - 7 to 7 am/pm and 12 to 12 am/pm.

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Local area Offshore.
Normally you go to work at Offshore 4 weeks with Shell, Petronas, Esso, Nippon Oil, Murhy and etc company that was their project is on your seas area. 28 days Offshore, 14 days Onshore. Petronas/Shell policy ma…

Overseas area Offshore.
Of cause it was at overseas not at our sea, at Dubai, Russia, India and that was not in Malaysia including Brunei and Singapore our neighbor consider overseas too. How long will you go to overseas Offshore? Your contract will be 3 month, some of them is 5 weeks Offshore, 5 weeks Onshore like my friend. 6 months to 1 years contracts!

Love Offshore.
FOC - No need pay electric bill for every usage you use. Free makan. Free laundry service. 24hours internet line, Astro at your room. Got gym, enough to make you stay fit. Pool table, Jamming studios and etc etc… How that? excited ha?

Hate Offshore?
I let other member who knows all about it to share… ehehe…

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offshre - all men ^.^

oh cool
can u post up some photos 4 us?

when people talk about offshore work, people may think of good life on the sea. Big Salary and all, but have anyone think about those seamen which is also work offshore?

Let talk about Offshore food.

No wonder sometime can see offshore people look quite ‘healthy’.

wah! nice if everyday eat like that
the cook must be professional

but we want to see the boat and what they are doing out there??

Offshore Life - Day Light

Damn nice, too bad I choose another path that I can’t look back now. :roll:

is that it?

[quote=“BlackHyppo”]Offshore Life - Day Light[/quote]

you work on that???

wa. nice food! :smiley:
grab from my uncle fb’s album

Just curious, any photo of the toilet?

Love the sea. especially during wavy condition.

What their do at Offshore?

  1. Drilling - Drilling the ocean floor to the center core of oils and gas.
  2. Pipeline - Pipe installation for crude oils traveling from Offshore to Onshore.
  3. Source can be find from others Offshore MC member…

Offshore Life - Bed space

bro hypoo…are u currently posting this post from offshore? :smiley:

Not really la. Even today local offshore also have ladies…

i heard got many gay there because no ladies
is it true?

Blackhyppo, u get those food everyday? Or just festive season…like Xmas, Raya, cny, gawai, etc…