Official thread of Miri Honda Owners Club (M.H.O.C)

[size=150][center]Welcome to the official thread of Miri Honda Owners Club[/center][/size]

* A community of Honda car owners to share the experience and resources of owning a Honda car.
* Sharing of knowledge and information on various Honda makes and models.
* Open to anyone who owns and drives a Honda car and it’s not limited to any models
* Do check out this thread for announcements regularly. All details of the upcoming TT / gathering session will be posted up here

Kota Kinabalu car show @ One Borneo Hyper Mall by coolman_wrx (05/04/2009)










Gathering and Photoshooting with FN2R (29/03/2009)


















MHOC official gathering (28/02/2009)







Appointed Workshop

erm …

that one in west malaysia lei

still, we can collaborate…

lai lai lai…who is Honda owner in ???

huh…i got a friend driving a Honda civic EK4…what do you think about it??

Any driver/owner of honda, common… male and female…

me drive honda laopao 20year old honda.

Honda Prelude AB
25 years old car lo…

lai lai lai, so long it’s a honda.

as long as is Honda. no matter lao pao or new pao :slight_smile:

Honda EX5, Boon Siew owner here. keke

may i know anyone selling honda accord cb9?the old model.around what price?rm15,000?

CB9 ??? as i know accord until CB5 only

you mean a CB9 bike?

oh sori loh,maybe cb3 eh…the lampu belakang got white colour one(reverse light)

ooooooo…ic. ya CB3 is around 20k now it depend on condition. CB1 will be around 12K.

You should open a thread in the classifieds lah.

HCOC suddenly become HCCS (Honda Cars Classified Section) :mrgreen:

i got a honda!

you seriously want a cb3? pm me your contact and i’ll get back to you.

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