Offer industrial services in CD replication and CD printing

We offers CD, DVD manufacturing, replication, duplication, pressing, printing and packaging services.

We have produced CD and DVD products in nice packages for a number of independent musicians, bands, and music composers in Malaysia and Asia already.

If you want to manufacture your music CD (of course you must be the copyrights creator and holder !!) and share or start promoting, please talk to us anytime.

We also produce a wide range of CD and DVD discs for the following projects:

annual report, corporate video, business profile, marketing materials, advertising videos, promotional information, electronic books, musical works by musicians or bands, photography works, product specifications, documentations, accounting reports, product catalogue, multimedia presentations, software applications, trial computer software, computer games etc.

If you have such requirements, please feel free to contact us at the below.

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Tel : +60-17-3370-027
Fax : +60-3-6277-9570

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