OEM Processor

Hi My Dear frens,

Currently i have ready stock for OEM processor with Intel Original Heatsink at below prices . Evelitin brand new with 1 month warranty . U no need to buy another heatsink as we are including intel original Q6600 heatsink for below OEM processor .

Intel E6300 + Intel Original Heatsink = RM 270
Intel E5200 + Intel original Heatsink = RM 240
Intel E4400 + Intel Original Heatsink = RM 220
Intel E4600 + Intel Original Heatsink = RM 230
Intel Q6600 + Intel Original Heatsink = RM 460

Intereted please PM me or SMS or Call me at 016-3622036

Regards / Techbyte

the e6300 is core 2 duo or dual core? the e5200 is selling at rm240 = retail box price wor!?


I’m need some clarification. What does OEM processor means? What is the difference between OEM and the original processor? Please advise. Thank you.

main diff OEM and retail is retail is in box wif manual,hsf,warranty ect…while oem just the processor wif warranty from seller…:slight_smile:

Hi there , i am sorry all the Oem processor are currently out of stock, i ll let u know once’s the stock arrive :smiley:

Eh…OEM is what ?