O2JAM addict...wer can find like this?

hey yall…few years back, we r given de taste of RANonline, O2JAM and such…

i am sooooooooo addicted to O2JAM…and would really like to know whether there is a game similar to this? preferably PC GAMES…or maybe any online games like dat around anymore?

fly magpie…

I think there is a private server that required Hamachi to play. I try look for the link. Will post it here later.

Edited*: http://www.o2jamv3.co.cc/ (under construction, maybe upgrading or what. I believe it will be back to funtion soon)

now Facebook got a game quite similiar to O2jam one…
the application is Mindjolt game,and d name is “Guitar Geek”.

http://apps.facebook.com/mindjolt/games/guitar-geek :smiley:

its quite similiar to o2jam la… but i duno whether u like it or nt… :stuck_out_tongue: