There hav alot of type for Nvidia in market…may i knw wat is the different n which is the best??Nw these Nvidia go to DDR3 liao arr??thanks for all info provider ya… :wink:

nvidia wth those running on dd5 is the best~hehe

got ddr5 meh? i tot ddr3? or maybe i utdated liao haha… maybe its the GTX series? haha

Its not really DDR5, its called GDDR5. ATI was the first to release their graphic card with GDDR5.


yeap. and GDDR 5 is currently available for GPUs only lo. RAM de latest is DDR3 1800 if not mistaken

nvidia has less GDDR5 GC compared to ATi right? most nvidia models are still running on GDDR3

yeah… but nvidia have more other new technology, such as CUDA, 3D vision…

Acer 6935G Notebook got Nvidia 9600m GT 1GB CUDA dunno true or not… lol… thats what stated on the Nvidia Sticker…

hahaha… u buy and try then tell us lo~~ hahaha