Nvidia 8600 GT

Share bout this graphic card for dell xps m1530

My fren owns this XPS wif this card & it plays crysis, left4dead, COD4 & COD5…of coz crysis cnt be played @ high but medium is possible wif fraps around 26-28 depending on ur settings…d card is overclockable but vmod is not possible.

If ur buying it to play counter-strike, by all means go for it…lol

so in conclusion is this graphic card worth it? its positioning? high end? mid? or low end graphic card? issit a graphic only for lap top? or issit a graphic card shared by both lap tap and desktop

I’m currently using it on my desktop. I would call it entry-level gaming card, as I play most games smoothly in low-med settings with no AA. AA turned on makes gaming frames drops to less than 30.

I would call this entry level. 9600GT is more of a mid-end. 9800/8800GT is more of mid-high, and the GTX is the high end level.

dude…the 8600GT is previous generation GPU, namely the 8th generation class 6 GPU, is a mid-end graphic processor (8800 is gen 8 class 8 = high end GPU whereas 8300 is a low end card). 8600GT exists in the desktop platform namely 8600GT, in the laptop platform we call it the 8600M GT for mobility.

The GPU’s core clock & memory clock is clocked slightly lower than its desktop counter-part but the architecture of its design is based on the desktop version. It can play games that are out in d market now with reasonable fraps but if u wanna push it to the extreme, i’m afraid it’s gonna let u down mate.

The XPS m1530 if not mistaken i saw 1 at lelong selling around 3k now whereas back then it was around 4-5k depending on ur modding to the xps series.

Cant compare dekstop gpu with laptop gpus… id say stay away frm 8series gpus? because of what i googled around it has overheating problem which will make it break? try googling it… “8Series gpu problems” even nvidia admited their fault but dont want to replace the gpus… i guess they made too many…

That just happen to laptop 8 series.

By all means, just stay away from 8 series nvidia GPU laptop.

yes for laptop i forgot to mention sorry my apologies ^^…

oops~Omg i think i bought a wrong lap top~Damn gotta keep more money and prepare to buy another lap top~Awaiting the time till it is broken down~omg~~~i bought a wrong lap top~zzzz anyway thanx for all the info guys specially doctor and eugene~ it so detail~thanx

erm your welcome? u bought oredi arr? if broken use the warranty lo haha…

my bro using 8200/8400gpu lappy. play dota every night. so far so good.

I also play dota on Intel Atom with on bored graphic also no problem :roll: :lol:

8600M GT isn’t that bad really for the laptop. Of course 8600GT for the desktop came out quite a while already and is no where considered fast in the current solutions. But for the mobile gaming, you guys have to understand the graphics power still lags behind the desktop versions by at least 12 to 18 months in comparison. So 8600GT is not a bad graphics card by any means if you manage to get your Dell 1530 at a decent price. But then of course getting the 9 series of mobile graphics would definately be a better call. Regardless your GT still beats out any of the GS variants out there.

End of the day all comes down to the priec, so how much did you pay for your Dell? Whether it sucks or not will depend on the price you paid right?

I also play dota on Intel Atom with on bored graphic also no problem :roll: :lol:[/quote]
my point being his 8 series graphics doesn’t have heat problem.

8600 GT is good enough for laptop gaming although I have seen better with the recent Acer fitted with 9600gt but at the cost of RM4.5k.

ya recently i also see asus gaming lap top also using nvidia 9 series gpu…hehe so jealous~

I also play dota on Intel Atom with on bored graphic also no problem :roll: :lol:[/quote]
my point being his 8 series graphics doesn’t have heat problem.[/quote]

Ur bro is lucky~!!!

en early early bought jor if broken i go buy asus liaw ehehe

8600gt or 9600gt or 9800M in a laptop watever… Wan a gaming stuff, get a desktop. Laptop still not for gamers unless you buy a Alienware… Why spend so much on laptop when you can get a desktop for gaming. Dun torture your lappies…