North Korea shuts down all its universities for 10 months

Many countries in the world have national vision or goal, such as becoming a developed country in a fixed year. Unsurprisingly, North Korea has that too; Kim Jong Il since long ago had promised and constantly reminded his people that North Korea will achieve its aim of becoming “a great, prosperous and powerful nation” in 2012. The year 2012 is significant because it marks the 100th birthday anniversary of his father, the ‘eternal president’ of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung.
North Korea founder and ‘Eternal President’, Kim Il-Sung, will turn 100 next year

So important is the year 2012 to North Korea that it banned the disaster film ‘2012’ last year out of fears the movie could jinx its lucky year. North Korean leaders do not want their people to watch a film in which the Earth is obliterated by a series of massive natural disasters, including earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions, wiping out most of the planet, in the year they are due to rise into greatness. The punishment for possessing the movie in North Korea is a 5-year prison term.
North Korea has banned the movie ‘2012’ as it contradicted their presumed ‘year of greatness’

To welcome this glorious year, North Korea is currently going through a construction boom, paving way for its biggest building project in more than a decade - North Korea is currently rushing to build 100,000 new apartments in its capital Pyongyang, set to complete by the year 2012. Not only that, North Korea has also moved to re-initiate the construction works for the long-abandoned Ryugyong Hotel, which over the year has became an embarrassment to the country. The construction is scheduled to be done by 2012. The terminal in Pyongyang International Airport would also get a facelift.
The Ryugyong hotel which dominated Pyongyang skyline, abandoned for 19 years, has now resumed its construction works

So what will North Korea do to fulfill its 2012 goal?

North Korea has shut down its universities for the next 10 months and sent students to work in factories, agriculture and the construction sector in a bid to help rebuilding the national economy, and also preparing the country for 2012, the year North Korea is destined to be great.
North Korea shuts down universities for 10 months and students shipped to work on project preparing for the grand year

The government has ordered all universities to cancel classes until April next year. The only exemptions are for students who will be graduating in the next few months and foreign students. These students will be put to work on construction projects in major cities, renovation projects, and repair typhoon damage across the country, which is preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of founder Kim Il-sung next year, along with the 70th birthday of Kim Jong-Il.

Kim Jong-il will turn 70 next year and the “Dear Leader” is hoping to be able to transfer his power and an economically strong nation to his son, Kim Jong-Un.
Kim Jong-il hopes to hand down a mightier country for his son, thereby securing a greater legacy

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For the great eternal leader!