Non Destructive Testing(NDT) courses available in Miri by ESPRAT Sdn Bhd

MINDT Training & Certification is established in response to the rapidly increasing demands of the industry for skilled professionals in Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection. ESPRAT Sdn Bhd is now in collaboration with MINDT Sdn Bhd on providing professional training and international recognized certification programmes towards the following sectors of the local and global industries:

- Oil, gas and chemical industry
- Construction Industry
- Shipbuilding Industry
- Power and Energy Industry
- Automotive Industry
- Aerospace
- Etc.

- To provide world standard training opportunities with the aim of producing NDT and Inspection specialists.
- To provide and promote training and certification in the science and practice of non-destructive testing and inspection and quality control disciplines.
- To train NDT and Inspection specialists to ensure quality workmanship and contribute to the development of the industrial sectors.


We are staffed with highly qualified, competent and specialized trainers. Couple with the state-of-the-art training equipment and peripherals we are one of the leading NDT training institutes in Malaysia.

Trainees will be exposed to the latest technical theories and mandatory NDT standards stipulated by international renowned certification bodies. Our instructional methods will ensure trainees acquire the necessary specialist skills and competency for them to excel and contribute productively in work.

It is our vision to become a globally recognized training and certification center. In order to visualize this vision, we are committed to:
- Provide well-equipped training facilities with dedicated qualified trainers.
- Provide a professional pedagogical training approach in theory and practice focused towards problem solving techniques.
- Provide in-house training towards clients need, i.e. industry, company, technical and skill training centers, and personnel requirements.
- Provide training and examination all year round.
- Provide a wide range of internationally recognized training and certification programs.


Radiographic Testing -> PCN
Radiograph of Interpretation -> PCN
Magnetic Particle Testing -> PCN
Penetrant Testing -> PCN
Ultrasonic Testing Weld -> PCN
Ultrasonic Testing Thickness Measurement -> PCN
Appreciation of NDT Techniques -> Attendance Cert.
Welding Product Technology -> Attendance Cert.
ntroduction to Penetrant Testing -> Attendance Cert.
Introduction to Magnetic Particle Testing -> Attendance Cert.
Introduction to Ultrasonic Testing -> Attendance Cert.
Introduction to Industrial Radiography -> Attendance Cert.
Penetrant Testing (Revision) -> Attendance Cert.
Magnetic Particle Testing (Revision) -> Attendance Cert.
Radiographic Interpretation (Revision) -> Attendance Cert.

Certification Schemes
We are focused at providing a reliable certification scheme which is internationally recognized. We are working closely with the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), United Kingdom in providing and promoting the PCN Scheme. PCN is an acronym for Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing. It is an internationally reputable and renowned certification scheme covering ranges of NDT methods and Inspection at various levels of certification.

The PCN Scheme is flexible, reliable and cost-effective method of satisfying NDT personnel qualification and certification and quality management systems requirements. PCN was the first fully accredited personnel certification scheme under EN 473. It is setting industry standards in the UK and is playing a leading role within Europe and worldwide.

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