Non-Bumis Need Help Too

From the NST

Helping Bumiputeras face uncertain times

SEREMBAN: The Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Ministry will present to the cabinet an action plan to help Bumiputera entrepreneurs who face the effects of an economic downturn.

Deputy Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said the plan would stress on three issues, namely the delivery system, exemption from usual loan terms and training.

"In terms of delivery system, we will ensure that it is fast, while in seeking exemptions from the usual conditions attached to loans, it would be easier rescheduling loan repayments and also giving the chance for second loans.

"As for training, we expect that when the downturn starts, two things are bound to happen – the termination of workers and unemployment among graduates.

“Considering this, the ministry next year will start a placement programme for entrepreneurs which will take them through six months of theory and six months of practical training,” Saifuddin said after closing a seminar here on Tuesday, organised by the Negri Sembilan branch of the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia.

For training, the ministry will seek funds from the Finance Ministry, he said, adding that the ministry had started a programme together with the Halal Development Corporation.

He said the ministry was also planning to study the effectiveness of funds used in establishing Bumiputera entrepreneurs and their levels of success. – Bernama

Totally agree!!! Non-Bumi are also MALAYSIAN… they need help as well during the present economic downturn :evil:
Lots of businesses are facing difficulties during this time… So, the Government should help those in trouble and not selective on certain races only!!!

Agree… help all Malaysians by disregard their races…

well…it cannot be helped…one thing i wonder though…does any of the politician actually remember themselves saying and preaching about equality for all malaysians but in the end when their budget and annual plan comes out there is little mentioned of non-malays and bumiputras?