NOKIA E72 is available for Pre-Order!

Color: Still Unknown
[size=150]Price: RM1650 Negotiable [/size]

[size=150][*]For order received, price will be included with Postal Fee[/size]

Check out for more info.


There a price change.

[size=150]E72=RM1550(including postage)

any nego with ur latest price?
Zitron set?
Whn available?

RM1550 is the cheapest d…AVAXX set…available this week…if u want…pm me…we can deal thru phone…RM1550 includes postage around malaysia…

heard its out Tomorrow? (11th Nov 2009) True?
where u locate actually? my fren in KL maybe can buy from u too…
address and number pls. pm me also can.

NOKIA E72 Stocks are available…

[size=150]Price: RM1590
Color: Black Silver